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  • Hello visitors! Welcome to Mr Herridge's Online Classroom!

    Name: Mr. Herridge
    Grade: Intro. to Mass Media and U.S. History
    Room #: 208
     April 2020
    Remember to get signed for NewseumED (free)
    **Always contact me on MS Teams chat during your assigned class period so I can keep accurate attendence and prove your presence during this remote learning experience.
    Due to the extension of our time out of the building Peoria High along with all schools in the state will be 
    participating in the state requested "Remote Learning" approach to ensure that learning does indeed continue.
        I will be providing assignments that will focus on topics we have previously discussed in class as well as new and
        subject progressive material, but these assignments will be new and provide enrichment on the " bigger" ideas
        presented by the topic.
       Assignments may be compatible to previous assignments and we will be able to use them not only as enrichment 
       exercises and also as "added" points for quarter 3. Yes, these can help your grade from Q-3, but not in any way
       affect your grade in a negative way!
    -On-Line Learning Students: Everything is being run through Mr. Zevnic. Check his site. If you have questions
     email me at charles.herridge@psd150.org.
    -U.S. History and Mass Media/Production Class: Check MS Teams site daily. We will be meeting using MSTeam.,
     (log in info below) 
     Be sure you monitor the schedule as we are on a "rotation". 
    ** We will be using assignments from Newseum ED at times. You may need to sign up for Newseum ED when you get to the assignment. This a free service.


    • The learning platform for Remote Learning is MS Teams.

    Here are the basic steps for students to access MS Teams from home:

    1. Go to peoriapublicschools.org
    2. Click “Students and Parents” Tab
    3. Click “Learning @ home”
    4. Click Microsoft Teams for Edu
    5. Login using 8-digit password (normally birthdate)


    They can also use the link teams.microsoft.com 

    • Grading practices are attached and can also be found on the Peoria High School/Peoria Public Schools websites.  
    • Teacher and Remote Learning classroom information will be on student email
    • Students should check email daily.

    Students can access their district email address by going to the Peoria High website https://www.peoriapublicschools.org/Domain/246

    1. Look for the OUTLOOK (Blue) tab under Headlines & Features
    2. Click the student email link
    3. Login: student ID number plus @students.psd150.org (i.e.12345678@students.psd150.org)  
      1. (*Make sure students is plural with an s)
    4. Password: Student 8-digit birth date (i.e. 02142004)
    • Our goal is for 100% of students to pass all of their classes through Remote Learning opportunities second semester.