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    Welcome to Fifth Grade

    10.7 to 10.11

    MS TEAMS Access Directions


    • We will focus on multiplication of mostly decimals.    We will also apply multiplication skills to measure conversion.  Mid Module Test over Multiplication of whole numbers and decimals 10.9.  Test Review will be given in class Tuesday.  Long Division is next:)
    • Some students (501) will complete simple fraction addition and subtraction with a mid-module test Wednesday.  Then we will finish fraction addition and subtraction with more complex fractions after the test.
    • All students will work on conference folder reflections Thursday and Friday in preparation for our Student-Led Conferences on October 16th.
    • Reflection Homework again this week.  Students should write two good paragraphs.  One a day on two separate days.  Due Friday.  See Assignment page for more detail or an extra copy.  
    • Questions or concerns will be addressed within a day  email elizabeth.hahn@psd150.org