• April 21---10AM

    For sixth grade, here's another one. Saturday at the Symphony


    April 17---12noon

    I don't know how you guys are playing the March from 2nd suite. This took a million takes and I still hear too many mistakes.

    Here it is.....March from 2nd Suite 



    April 7---3PM

    2 more. 

    Fiddles on Fire.

    Sahara Crossing.

    Keep practicing! You can get instruments from the school if needed. Email me first.



    April 5---3PM

    Okay, friends, Here we go. 

    Palladio. Again, I didn't play it perfect. But it's decent. 

    DragonHunter. This one might actually be perfect.

    Jurassic Park. You be the judge.

    Again, in the event we DO return to school, stay current on your music. There are scans of all the music furthur down this page. 

    If there is no more school, your assignment will be to record your part on video and send it to me, for a virtual ensemble. Here is one from each group to start with, and I'm recording the rest today and tomorrow. 

    Any questions, contact me. It's right below here. If you get tired of your other classes, you can send me recordings for other group's music, or do all of them. Do 1st AND 2 nd violin parts. I'll use all of them. So it looks like this.....Baltimore Symphony




    Everyone else is using MS Teams to talk with students. I'm working getting more familiar with that whole setup. For example, when Matoka gets her violin out and realizes it's out of tune, I want you to be able to get on Teams with me and we can tune it together. Our virtual ensemble is challenging enough without us being out of tune. 

    In the meantime.... send me an email   aaron.gradberg@psd150.org    so I know you're alive.

    Or text me directly. 815 250 2535   I can use Duo. That seems pretty simple. And I like simple.



    April 2---8PM

    Here are links to the music we have been preparing. Junior High Pieces are listed first.


    March from Second Suite


    Sahara Crossing


    Saturday at the Symphony

    Fiddles on Fire

    Jurassic Park

    Apollo Suite 1 and 4

    Over the Rainbow  (If we have time, and this whole idea works out. It takes the place of Russian Sailor's Dance)

     ***one quick note here. If you sell these copies, it would be a violation of copyright law. You'll get a knock on your door. *** Just keep that in mind.***



    March 31---5PM

    So, I made this video today. It's an idea for orchestra to do. You've seen videos like this.

    This one's from a movie.....maybe you have seen it.....

    Mr. G made this video in under an hour!

    Did you watch it? A couple notes didn't sound great, but you get the idea. But the purpose is for 2 reasons:

    1-------If we get back to school and have a concert, I want you guys to stay familiar with the music. In the coming days, I'll put the music up here, and also make videos of all the music so you have a reference.

    2------If we DON'T return this year, we can still have our concert. A virtual concert. As long as I can make the videos like the Titanic one, It'll work. You just record your part and send it to me.

    So, get your instrument if it's still at school, and email me with your thoughts.





    March 31---11AM

    I miss my students.


    I'm working on a project for orchestra. For each group. If it works, It'll be wicked cool. The only hurdle is my own technological ignorance.

    Check back later today for an update.....



    In the meantime, do some listening. Here's the full Palladio....https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=32Ag0dBGbvc





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