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    Name: Rhonda M. Smith
    Grade: 10th, 11th, 12th
    Room #: Rm 238
    Phone #: 309-672-6706 
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          Welcome parents.   I am the Work Coordinator for our students with Special Services.  I give our students extra support they need to be successful with employment.  This is my 15th year here at Peoria High School.  I have taught for a total of  22years.  Prior to Peoria High, I taught at Loucks Edison Middle School from 2000-2005 and PALS Preschool from 1997-2000.  I am honored to teach at my Alma Mater.  I am a 1990 Peoria High School Grad.  Go LIONS!!  #Pride of the City!!
    Students in my program are referred to the STEP program.  (Secondary Transitional Experience Program)


    The mission of the Illinois Department of Human Services, Division of Rehabilitation Services, is to assist individuals with disabilities in achieving their goals of employment, education, and independent living.


    Improving the independence of our customers is our only reason for existing. We realize that the skills and abilities of our front line staff are the keys to our success. Embracing, listening to, and collaborating with our community partners will sustain our success.

    DHS-DRS is a customer-driven organization, with all major decisions based on the needs of our customers. Our staff will be informed and valued, pursuing lifelong learning and striving to improve their professional skills. We will create an environment where customers and staff work in partnership, where customers enjoy working with staff, and where staff looks forward to coming to work. Finally, we envision an agency where customers feel confident that their goals will be reached.

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