Coaching Staff: 
    Head Coach: Alyssa Emanuelson (Alyssa.emanuelson@psd150.org)  
    Asst. Coach: Brant Watson
    Asst Coach: Haley Conger (haley.conger@psd150.org) 
     Interested in joining speech for the 2019-2020 school year? 

     We NEED new people! Want to pretty much gurantee yourself a college scholarship? Join us! 

    11.30.19 OFF (Holiday)
    12.7.19 Bloomington/Bradley: See Emanuelson or Conger for details as to who goes where
    12.14.19 Normal Community
    12.21.19 and 12.28.19 OFF
    1.4.19 OFF 
    1.11.19 Reed Custer (Braidwood, IL)
    1.18.19 Chatham Glenwood 
    1.25.19 Spoon River Valley
    2.1.19 Heyworth
    2.8.19 Regional (Pekin) 
    2.15.19 Sectional
    2.21.19 and 2.22.19 State (Civic Center) 
    Breakfast            Fun!  
     Basic Overview: Speech Team is an IHSA-sanctioned event, much like athletic events, with a season that runs from October-February. There are 14 different events one may enter into. Please contact Alyssa Emanuelson, Head Speech Coach, for further information at alyssa.emanuelson@psd150.org, or visit http://www.psd150.org/Page/11473 for the calender and other important announcements.
    The EVENTS
    Dramatic Duet Acting: 8 minute partner duet with a scene from a play portrayed. The only props allowed are two chairs and a table
    Dramatic Interp: an 8 minute individual event that is from a play or a book and is "acted out" by the participant using a concept called character popping
    Extemporaneous Speaking: a limited prep event in which the participant is given a question--typically political in nature--and they have 45 minutes to create a 6 minute speech that answers the question
    Humorus Duet Acting: the same as DDA--but funny in nature
    Humerous Interp: the same as DI--funny in nature
    Info: writes a speech that informs the audience of a topic of importance
    Impromptu Speaking: a limited prep event in which the participant is give a phrase; person; or word; and has two minutes to create a six minute speech
    Original Comedy: the participant creates a funny 8 minute "skit" where you pop between characters and tell your own story
    Original Oratory: participant writes an 8 minute pesuasive speech on a topic of importance to them in an effort to sway the audience their way
    Oratorical Declamation: participant recites a piece from a blog, book, or well-known speech and puts their own connotation on it.
    Poetry: develops a theme using published poetry and puts his/her own dramatic spin on it in an 8 minute piece
    Prose: reads a "story" with a bit of popping to the audience. The piece chosen should teach the audience a lesson
    Radio: student gives a five minute scripted presentation similar to a radio DJ
    Special Occasion Speaking: creates an 8 minute piece that is funny with a point and attempts to persuade the audience to their side of thinking
    Performance in the Round: 15 minute selected scene from a play in which a group of students use props to entertain the audience