Coaching Staff: 
    Head Coach: Alyssa Emanuelson (Alyssa.emanuelson@psd150.org)  
    Asst. Coach:Kelly Nehls (kelly.nehls@psd150.org)
    Asst Coach: Haley Conger (haley.conger@psd150.org) 
    We are back!!! Hoping for an in person season, our first meeting will be in the next few weeks. Interested? Email alyssa.emanuelson@psd150.org 


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     Basic Overview: Speech Team is an IHSA-sanctioned event, much like athletic events, with a season that runs from October-February. There are 14 different events one may enter into. Please contact Alyssa Emanuelson, Head Speech Coach, for further information at alyssa.emanuelson@psd150.org, or visit http://www.psd150.org/Page/11473 for the calender and other important announcements.
    The EVENTS
    Dramatic Duet Acting: 8 minute partner duet with a scene from a play portrayed. The only props allowed are two chairs and a table
    Dramatic Interp: an 8 minute individual event that is from a play or a book and is "acted out" by the participant using a concept called character popping
    Extemporaneous Speaking: a limited prep event in which the participant is given a question--typically political in nature--and they have 45 minutes to create a 6 minute speech that answers the question
    Humorus Duet Acting: the same as DDA--but funny in nature
    Humerous Interp: the same as DI--funny in nature
    Info: writes a speech that informs the audience of a topic of importance
    Impromptu Speaking: a limited prep event in which the participant is give a phrase; person; or word; and has two minutes to create a six minute speech
    Original Comedy: the participant creates a funny 8 minute "skit" where you pop between characters and tell your own story
    Original Oratory: participant writes an 8 minute pesuasive speech on a topic of importance to them in an effort to sway the audience their way
    Oratorical Declamation: participant recites a piece from a blog, book, or well-known speech and puts their own connotation on it.
    Poetry: develops a theme using published poetry and puts his/her own dramatic spin on it in an 8 minute piece
    Prose: reads a "story" with a bit of popping to the audience. The piece chosen should teach the audience a lesson
    Radio: student gives a five minute scripted presentation similar to a radio DJ
    Special Occasion Speaking: creates an 8 minute piece that is funny with a point and attempts to persuade the audience to their side of thinking
    Performance in the Round: 15 minute selected scene from a play in which a group of students use props to entertain the audience