Day Treatment
    Trewyn Therapeutic Program is located in Trewyn School at 1419 S. Folkers Avenue, Peoria, IL 61605. 
    Our phone number is:   (309) 673-1898 Fax: 673-4620
    Contact Person:
    Mr. D. Johnson
    Assistant Principal
    (309) 673-1898 Fax: 673-4620

    Our Vision

    Our students deserve a foundation for success that is built upon appropriate interactions and guided by evidence-based practices, to achieve personal goals, and success in adult life. Our students will be successful with a foundation that includes parents and community; and instructors that model appropriate social skills, utilize individualized activities, and engage students in a wide variety of learning experiences, both academically and socially.

                                                                  A Team Approach 


    The Trewyn Therapeutic Program is a highly restrictive educational setting for first grade through high school. Students have no contact with their general education peers during their school day. The essential components of the program include; individual and group therapy, behavioral intervention, and social skills modeling .The program has available a school 2 social workers and a school psychologist to provide ongoing therapeutic services. A Children’s Home Social Worker is also housed at TTP to provide counseling to children eligible for those services, as well as SASS evaluations in crisis situations.

    Students are assessed during their first week of arrival to TTP, this ensures proper placement at his/her instructional level. Our teachers work diligently to create lesson plans that are based on best practices. Students also receive daily social skills instruction to support our therapeutic milieu. Procedures and behavioral expectations are taught and reinforced by all faculty members.


     Our therapeutic staff provides a range of services, from individual therapy and group therapy to case management and crisis intervention. Our therapeutic Team also provides transition support for students returning to their home schools. TTP is not a permanent placement. We want to have students with us temporarily. The transition process begins when a student has reached the orange level. Students often experience anxiety and other emotions when it is time for their return. The therapeutic team works with students every step along the way to ensure a smooth transition.