Careers Vertical Team Goals

    Goal 1: Parent Contacts
    -telephone calls
    -cell  (ask parents to please give updated information regarding home landlines or cell phones)
    -emails  (ask parents to give you an email when they come to open house Thurs night)
    -post cards regarding good behavior/citizenship or grades
    -PEP forms for struggling students
    -EWI--students that are in the yellow to red regions regarding the ABC's

    Goal 2:  Increase RIT scores and percentiles for students
    -being their cheerleaders and encouraging that they do their best (Parents should be the #1 cheerleaders for students, but unfortunately this is not always the case.)
    -remind students that students that get adequate sleep do better in school, particularly on tests
    -remind students to eat breakfast, either at home or at school--the brain needs food to function well
    -remind students to carefully read questions, and to read through ALL the answers before selecting an answer
    -school rewarding students for achieving their goals

    Goal 3:  Achieving a 93% attendance rate
    -encouraging attendance everyday, every class
    -filling out 2 day forms for absentees
    -contacting parents if a pattern or problem arises regarding attendance
    -writing referrals for class cuts to discourage skipping (informing parent of skipping)

    Goal 4:  Reducing the numbers of referrals/removals from class/suspensions
    -bell ringers right away as class starts
    -class lesson or activity
    -utilizing "to do’s"
    **basically keeping the students busy so they do not have time to participate in negative activities

    Goal 5:  Incorporate critical thinking problems/activities
    -these can be problems/activities that require research or discussion within the class