Math Goals:
    Goal 1The number of students who will exceed NWEA expectations (blue students) will increase by 5% from Fall 2012 to Winter 2012.
    Goal 2: 37.5 % of the subgroup of black students will meet or exceed standards on the ISAT and PSAE exams. 
    Goal 3: 70 percent of all tested students will achieve their expected gain on their NWEA math test.
    Goal 4: 100 percent of the students who are on track to graduate in May will pass their math class(es). 
    ***Grading Breakdown for Math Department***
    70% Assessments (Quizzes, tests, and projects)
    10% Participation (Work finished in class)
    10% Required (Compass, Problem of the Days, and Exit Slips)
    10% Homework (Work completed outside of school) 
    Grading Scale:
    90-100% A
    80-89% B
    70-79% C
    60-69% D
    0-59% F
    Grade Weighting
    1st Semester:
    50% GP1 and 50% GP2
    2nd Semester:
    40% GP3, 40% GP4, and 20% Final
    Helpful Math Websites: