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    Name: Mrs. Weaver
    Grade: 5-8 Band and Orchestra
    Room #: 129 at Sterling and 118A at Calvin Coolidge
    Greetings from the band room. Please check back for announcements and information that your student will need for a successful band or orchestra experience.

    Music....it's what we do!!!!

    From the Teacher
    Hello parents and students! On this website you will have access to important information that will be helpful and informative.
    I hope this site helps parents stay up-to-date on their childs' learning. Feel free to email me if you have any questions.
    • If your band student plays the clarinet or saxophone they need to have one or two good reeds in their case at all times. You can go to a band/music store and purchase them by the box. This year, to ensure that all clarinet and saxophone students have reeds to participate in class, we are asking that they bring $10 to cover the cost of reeds. This will be for 5 reeds for clarinet and 4 reeds for alto saxophone. If your student has not used all of the reeds they have purchased by the end of the year the money for those reeds will be returned. 
     We have several instruments availble for use but we recommend that students purchase or rent their own if it is possible to do so. Students will be responsible for repairs to instruments they use from my inventory. Information about this will go home with students that have signed up for band or orchestra.
     If anyone is interested in donating an instrument for a student that can not afford one, PLEASE contact me. We want every student that wants to play an instrument to have that opportunity. Thank you.