Name: Tiffany Olson
    Courses: Bridges to Algebra, Bridges to Algebra/Core Algebra, Core Algebra, American Government
    Distance Learning:
    Welcome Back!
    Please remember that we will be meeting live every day for class on MS Teams.  Attendance will be taken daily and all assignments will be graded.  Please log in to MS Teams to access all announcements.  
    If you need any help at all, please send me an individual chat on MS Teams, e-mail, or have your parent call me :)
    Miss Olson

    Student Computer Information Sheet


    Logging into computer:

    User name:  6 digit  ID number – They know it as their lunch number

    Password: 8 digit Birthdate:     ##/##/####    month/day/year


    Logging into MSTeams or Outlook (email)

    Login:    #######@students.psd150.org         6 digit ID number-   (This is also their email address)

    Password:  ##/##/####    month/day/year


    Getting into Teams or Email.   District computers should have this program box pop up automatically.  You can choose the program you want from here.  MS Outlook is the email program.



    Moving from One Microsoft program to another.  For example, from Teams to Outlook

    Find the waffle in the upper left hand corner.  All Microsoft programs should have this. Do not click the Apps above it


    Once you have clicked the waffle, all the other Microsoft programs will drop down

    You can click on the program and the screen will switch to that program.  If you want to open in a new tab, hover over the program until the three dots appear.  Click the 3 dots and click open in new tab.