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     Ms Monast
    Name: Ms Monast
    Grade: Instructional Coach
    Room #: PD Room (#110)
     Being a teacher is rewarding!
    Hello! From the Instructional Coach
           As an instructional coach, it is my job to provide support to all of our Lincoln teachers. and coaching to all of our amazing primary teachers. The role of the coach is to build teacher capacity and their understanding of instructional practices as related to Illinois Learning Standards and Data Driven Instruction. An instructional coach is a learner who models continuous improvement, lifelong learning, and goes above and beyond to ensure student success. All instructional coaches work collaboratively as a team with the district's curriculum department. They are responsible for ensuring high-quality instruction in classrooms through modeling, co-planning, co-teaching and providing feedback to teachers. The instructional coach will demonstrate and model a passion for urban education reform and leadership.