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      Homework, projects and class calendars are available on teachers' individual Staff pages of this website. 

     Lost & Found -- If your student is missing anything, please check the Lost & Found, located in the foyer next to the fireplace. The drawers are full of lunchboxes, books, notebooks, water bottles, and an amazing amount of clothes and shoes.

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     Box Tops for Education 
     Clip them out, place them in a baggie labeled with your name and homeroom, and drop them in the Box Tops Mailbox. 
    Field Trip Permission form  - Please print & sign to allow students to take fun and education field trips.
    A copy of the Grading and Promotion Adminstrative Procedure from the district was in packets given to students the first day of school. Grading and Promotion Adminstrative Procedure
    Lunch Menus --We do not post the lunch menus on our website, since they are easily available on the district site. The lunch menus (breakfast and lunch) can be found for each school in district by going to the www.psd150.org site, click on the students/parents section, where a full range of choices come up. Click on the "breakfast/lunch"  menus, and the two month menu can be selected.  


    Health News:

    Parents must bring a new Physician or OTC student medication form to the office each year for any medicine to be given to a student.  Medication cannot be given to students without a filled out form! Any medication must be in the original container and may only be taken as stated on the container. This includes cough drops, medicines for headaches or cramps, and any others.
    Click to open a copy of Washington's School Supply List 2018 - 2019. This was also given to students with their end-of-year report card envelope, or to incoming students with their informational packet at Orientation.

    Doctor Please attempt to schedule any Dentist or Doctor appointments over the breaks or after 2:30pm, so as not to disrupt the school day when we are in session. Students getting School Physicals should have the doctor mark the "sports physical" section on the school form, as well.
    Peoria Public Schools 1st day compliance requirements for 2019-2020

    On January 25, 2016, the Board of Education approved an update to Board Policy 7:100, requiring health documentation compliance by the first day of school. Students not in compliance by the first day of school, will not be allowed to start the school year until all health documentation requirements are met.

     Families are strongly encouraged to schedule health appointments now, so that documentation can be prepared and turned in to your school, avoiding first day compliance issues. Download the District's health requirements flyer for health information, recommended service providers and other services that can assist families through this process.


     Computer/AR Login and Password

    Effective 8/8/2016, students’ Login and Password format was changed. When students log in, they will need to log in with their new password information. Their login will be their 6-digit Student ID. Their password will be their 8-digit date of birth (MMDDYYYY).

    MS Teams Home Use Login and Password 

    How to use MS Teams at Home & Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote
    From a web browser, such as Chrome, type in: Office.com
    Sign In with your district email address and password For example: Username: 123456@students.psd150.org Password: 8 digit birth date

    Online Enrollment Verification

    Online student registration can be completed through the online enrollment verification process starting in July by logging on to Skyward Family Access and clicking on the Enrollment Verification link. A school may request a current proof of address, if needed. Families can also speak to a district or school staff member regarding any questions the family may have. Laptops will be available at each hub for families that need computer access to complete enrollment verification. The Peoria Public Library will also have computers available at its branches for parents to complete online enrollment.
    Directions for online student verification and fee payments: 
          1. Sign in to Family Access - Enrollment Verification for all children should be available from this spot.
          2. Click on a student's name to verify enrollment and information for that student.
          3. Read over the supplied info to confirm it is correct.
          4. Scroll down to see the button labeled "Complete Step __ Only" and click to save your info for EACH STEP. Any step with a greyed out box may not apply to all students and may only be completed at a District Hub or school office.
          5. Click on the "Next Step" button on the far right to move to the next step.
          6. Under "Directory Information", toggle "Yes/No" for  Photo/Video Release and other items. PLEASE also sign and date this before scrolling down to complete this step.
          7. Race and Ethnicity and Network User Agreement must be read, checked over, and completed before moving to the next steps.
          8.  Washington students receive Free meals. Parents may apply for a Fee Waiver but income requirements apply. The form may be downloaded and are available at District Hubs and in the Washington Gifted Middle School office.
          9. Click on the Handbook to open and review it. The Student Handbook will also be in the Student Planner as well.
          10. Medical Authorization Forms, Physical and Immunizations  must be opened in order to complete and move to the next step. Parents may print, fill out and bring to school only if needed.
           11. Clicking "Submit Enrollment Verification for Returning Families" will save and complete the online enrollment process. The secretary must confirm these before they are considered complete, but you do not need to contact them unless directed to do so. You are done! :)

    Once the Online Fee Payment function has been activated within Family Access, parents/guardians can make fee payments through Family Access.

          1.  To make a payment, log in to Family Access and click on "Fee Management."

          2.  Click on the "Make Online Payment" button

          3.  At the bottom of the next screen there will be a button to "Add Charges 2019-2020".





    Career Cruising
    Students at Washington get to take a fun survey called Career Cruising that can help them learn more about careers they like or ones that might match their skills and interests. Parent Info     Inside Story    Career Pathways