Alice Gorman
                        Alice Gorman
                 First Grade Teacher  
           Hello, and welcome to my online classroom! I hope to be able to share a little bit of what we are learning each week on this site. Although I have been teaching first grade for 16 years, every year is a new adventure. Each year I'm blessed with a new bunch of smiling faces...eager to learn. I'm looking forward to helping your child read, count, discover, explain, share, and have fun. It should be a memorable year!
          First Grade Lunch Time: 11:15-11:45  Recess 11:45-12:00
                                      Special Classes
                            Monday         Technology        1:00-1:45
                            Tuesday            Art                8:45-9:30 
                           Tuesday      ** Library             1:30-2:00
                               Wednesday      Music              10:15-11:00     
                           Wednesday      *P.E.              1:00-1:45
                           Thursday          *P.E.                8:45-9:30
                                 Friday             *P.E.                  10:15-11:00
     * Please make sure your child has proper shoes on these days.
    **Please make sure your child has library books on this day