• Email: jolyon.morton@psd150.org

  • Like any self-respecting Dark Lord, I rule over a Dark Kingdom, also known as Room 1008 at Peoria High School. I'm currently the science department chair, along with my teaching duties of Phyiscs 1, Physics 1 Enriched, and AP Computer Science Principles.

    I've been teaching for a while now: I taught at Woodruff High School from 1994-2010 (when it closed as a comprehensive high school), and since then I have been here at Peoria High.

    I earned my bachelor's from Bradley University in 1993, with a double-major in physics and teaching.

    I earned National Board Certification (Adolescence/Young Adulthood Science - Physics) in 1999 and renewed that in 2009 and again in 2019, and it remains current untill 2029.

    I earned my master's degree in technology education from Illinois State University in 2010.

  • Newton's Second Law Roller Coasters

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