• Hello Parents! Welcome to Mrs. Jennifer Pergler's Online Classroom!
    Name: Jennifer Pergler
    Grade: 9-12
    Room #: 809

    Welcome! I teach Biology and this is my 12th year at Peoria High School. This webpage will assist you with finding assignments, important dates, and any class announcements. You may email me if you are having trouble with the webpage or if you need immediate help.
    Currently, I have an intern from Illinois State University. Her name is Mrs. Mannix and her email address is charity.mannix@psd150.org. 
    -Biology 1-2: This course is designed to give the student a general knowledge of the following areas: biology, zoology, botany, microbiology, genetics, ecology, and cytology. A constant effort is made to include recent scientific discoveries.Videos and labs help supplement the notes.
    -Enriched Biology 1-2: This course focuses on the same concepts as Biology 1-2, but digs in deeper to the major topics. Videos and labs help supplement the notes. Students in enriched biology also have the opportunity to extend their scientific thinking by performing more hands-on, inquiry-based labs. This course helps prepare students for other enriched science courses, as well as AP Biology. AP Biology is a senior-level course and is an opportunity for students to earn college-credit in that class. AP Biology has a specific curriculum, and this course helps prepare students for that type of thinking.
Last Modified on March 21, 2017