• Please remember to schedule any Dentist or Doctor appointments over the Summer Break, so as not to disrupt the school day when we are in session.
    2019-2020 Supply List is a printable document, also see below -- Please note this Supply List is required for students at Washington. It is different than the list provided by Peoria Public Schools. Also note: Lockers are 11 ½” wide.  Please make sure binders fit in the lockers!! 
    All students at Washington will take Spanish as a foreign language.
    2019-2020 School Planner
    All students will be required to have a Washington School Student Planner for the 2019-2020 school year. They will be available for purchase for $7 at the beginning of the school year. We have a limited number of replacement planners available to purchase if lost. The Student Planner is also used as a Hall Pass.


    Supply List for 2019-2020

    Grades Five and Six

    ___Peoria Public Library Card (for Bookmobile and research purposes)

    ___48 pencils (#2 lead)

    ___Colored pencils and markers (fine line)

    ___ Highlighter

    ___ Eraser (Pink Pearl or similar)

    ___ 3 Glue sticks

    ___ Scissors (5 inches)

    ___ Ruler – (combination metric and English)

    ___ 6 packs (minimum) loose-leaf notebook paper (wide rule)

    ___ 2-pocket - 6 folders

    ___ Travel Drive (for USB Port) – (ELA) – LABELED WITH NAME

    ___ Index Cards – (4 x 6) – 2 packs

    ___ Graph paper

    ___ Black fine tip Expo markers

    ___ 4 Composition books (120 pages)

    ___ Spanish Dictionary

    ___ 2B and 3B Graphite Pencils

    ___ Set of watercolor paints with brush

    ___ Clorox wipes – 2 packages

    ___ Wet wipes – 2 packages

    ___ Kleenex – 3 large boxes

    Grades Seven and Eight

    ___ Peoria Public Library Card to use at the Bookmobile and to help with research projects

    ___ 30 Pencils (#2 lead)

    ___ Colored pencils

    ___ Markers (broad and fine line)

    ___ Highlighters

    ___ 4 pack of fine point dry erase markers

    ___ Ballpoint pens (blue, black, and red)

    ___ Eraser - Pink Pearl or similar (2)

    ___ Scissors (5 inches)

    ___ Ruler (combination metric and English)

    ___ Glue Stick (3)

    ___ 1.5” binder (4)

    ___ Loose leaf notebook paper to fit a 3-ring binder (college rule)

    ___ Subject dividers with tabs for 3-ring binder (4)

    ___ Spiral notebooks with at least 70 pages in college rule (7)

    ___ Pocket folders with 3-prongs (11)

    ___ Graph paper

    ___ Compass and protractor (8th grade only)

    ___ Index cards (100 – 4x6) – 4 packs

    ___ Travel drive (for USB port) – LABELED WITH NAME

    ___ Spiral-bound Sketchbook (minimum 8x10, maximum 9x12)

    ___ 2B and 3B graphite pencils

    ___ Pastels or colored chalk for art

    ___ 4 pieces of white poster board

    ___ Post-it notes (2 packages, square)

    ___ Spanish dictionary

    ___ Composition book for Spanish

    ___ Clorox wipes (2 packages) 

    ___ Hand Sanitizer (2)

    ___ Kleenex (3 boxes)


    Back-to-School Forms and Fees 2019:

     For the 2019-2020 school year, Peoria Public Schools opened online fee payment and enrollment verification. All students should be enrolled/registered ONLINE. Only students new-to-district can fill out a paper copy.

    Directions for online student verification and fee payments: 
          1. Sign in to Family Access - Enrollment Verification for all children should be available from this spot.
          2. Click on a student's name to verify enrollment and information for that student.
          3. Read over the supplied info to confirm it is correct.
          4. Scroll down to see the button labeled "Complete Step __ Only" and click to save your info for EACH STEP. A few steps with a greyed out box may not apply to all students and may only be completed at a District Hub or school office, however, see the following steps for more details.
          5. Click on the "Next Step" button on the far right to move to the next step.
          6. Under "Directory Information", toggle "Yes/No" for  Photo/Video Release and other items. PLEASE also sign and date this before scrolling down to complete this step.
          7. Race and Ethnicity and Network User Agreement must be read, checked over, and completed before moving to the next steps.
          8.  Washington students receive Free meals. Parents may apply for a Fee Waiver but income requirements apply. The form may be downloaded and are available at District Hubs and in the Washington Gifted Middle School office.
          9. Click on the Handbook to open and review it. The Student Handbook will also be in the Student Planner as well.
          10. Medical Authorization Forms, Physical and Immunizations  must be opened in order to complete and move to the next step. Parents may print, fill out and bring to school only if needed.
           11. Clicking "Submit Enrollment Verification for Returning Families" will save and complete the online enrollment process. The secretary must confirm these before they are considered complete, but you do not need to contact them unless directed to do so. You are done! :)

    Once the Online Fee Payment function has been activated within Family Access, parents/guardians can make fee payments through Family Access.

          1.  To make a payment, log in to Family Access and click on "Fee Management."

          2.  Click on the "Make Online Payment" button

          3.  At the bottom of the next screen there will be a button to "Add Charges 2018-2019".



    Home Language Survey: This is one-time requirement by Peoria Public Schools for all students.(Usually in 5th grade)

    Internet User Form:  This must be signed by the student and parent in order to use the Internet at school.  If this is NOT  turned in, students will be unable to use the Internet for classes, etc. Acceptable Use iPad

    Photo/Video Release:  Please sign and check “Grant" or “Do Not Grant” permission for your child to be photographed by District personnel, newspaper, television stations, or other District-authorized personnel.

    Textbook Fees: Textbook fees for the 2019-2020 school year are due in August and must be received no later than October (40 days after the first day of attendance). Parents have the opportunity to pay online through Family Access.  You will need your sign-on and password for Family Access.

    Planner Fee: We have a planner specific to our school.  It includes the 2019-2020 Student Handbook.  Please use the envelope provided for you in the Back-to-School Packet.  Checks should be made payable to Washington Gifted School.  The cost is $7.00 per student.

    PTO Donations:  The cost for PTO Dues is $10.00 per family.  Please make checks payable to Washington Gifted School PTO