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    Social Studies/Literacy Coordinator
    Office of Curriculum and Instruction
    3202 N. Wisconsin Ave.
    Peoria, IL 61603
    "Where Remarkable Happens Everyday"
    Literacy is the ability to understand and evaluate meaning through reading and writing, listening and speaking, viewing and representing. The goal of the district literacy plan is that each student in grades pre-kindergarten through grade 12 achieve maximum success by reaching  his or her full potential. As a district, we realize that:
    • Competency in literacy lays the foundation for each student's future.

    • Literacy skills need to continually expand and diversify because our rapidly changing social and economic environment requires competence in a range of new communication forms and media.

    •  Literacy competence is central to achievement in all areas of learning as students progress through the early, middle and later years of schooling and into the workforce and personal life.
    "Once you learn to read, you will be forever free."Frederick Douglass
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