• RMS Visual Art Middle School Program    
                                                                                             Ms. Frei, Teacher
    At Roosevelt, our Middle School Visual Art program is
    exploring Art with the purpose of enriching our students and their studies;
    through expanded knowledge of the Visual Arts, through the many expressive Languages of Art, through it's rich history, and through the joyful spirit of Creative Innovation and the wonderous world of Discovery.

    5th Grade Basic Art

    This class is open to all 5th graders who wish to explore their expressiveness in Visual Art.  Students will have moderate exposure to a wide variety of Two-Dimensional experiences, and some Three-Dimensional exploration as well. This includes an introduction to Cartooning and the language of ART, a unit on Color Theory, a review of the Elements of Art, and a unit on Still Life Drawing as well as other studies. 


    Beginning Art

    This class is designed as an introductory class for 6th grade students who have discovered they have a strong interest in Art. The emphasis is on Realistic Art, the techniques of Drawing, the Human Body, Portraits & Human Expressiveness and advanced and stylized Cartooning.


    Intermediate Art

    In this class, 7th graders are introduced to the basics of Drafting, Mechanical Drawing, Architechural Drawing and Technical Drawing, The emphasis is on technical and career focused Art as well as a focus on the Elements of Design. Perspective drawing and Perspective measurement are explored to great extentThese technical skills can them applied in a Landscape Painting unit. It is preferred that 7th grade students complete the Beginning Art Class first.


    Advanced Art

    As the third year class, it is expected that 8th grade Advanced Art students have completed both the Beginning and Intermediate Art classes. The emphasis of the 3rd year is on Three-Dimensional Art, and Designing in the 3rd Dimension. This study of Sculpture includes carving, modeling, molding and construction techniques. Students learn the basics of portfolio development, some independent projects, Stage Scenery and Display Art.