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    From the Mrs. Semelroth
    Mission Statement


    It's the first time the 5th have been apart of the Junior high program. This year the classes will be focusing on the master of the terminology with the Elements and Principles of Art. These terms are the core of our Fine arts Curriculm.


    This the focus is on obtaining mastery of he terms of the Elements and Principles and beginning to undertand, apply and describe how more that one can be used at hte same time.  the second major concept of the year is quality. No matter the skill level students will strive to work to the best of their ablity and use quality, control and neatness as a guideline. 
    Hopefully the Elements and Principles are a safely in our 7th grade wheel house. This year we will begin to work on putting more than one together with the flair of indivuallity. Students will be encouraged to find thier own style and develop a look all thier own.
     The last great year of junior high is spent continuing to develop the indviudual artist. This preparation includes the development of a portfolio for the high school. Many of our students will be continuing their artistic journey in high school and this is the last year to ensure they have the qualifications to have a successful high school career.
    Mrs. Semelroth