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Roosevelt Band
  Roosevelt offers a full array of opportunities for children to express themselves through music within the band program.  Starting with a 5th grade beginning band, students are tested and put on appropriate instruments of their liking and ability.  Beginning Band, as we call it at Roosevelt is offered 2 days a week for a full 80 minute class period.  This weekly rehearsal time assures the students success on their instrument at an early age.  Weekly lessons are also separated between Brass & Percussion instruction, and Woodwind instruction.  This allows students to be in the same class with like instruments and also allowing for better teacher student instruction. 
   Once a student successfully passes Beginning Band, they are then placed in a Cadet Band or Intermediate Band.  This band is primarily made of 6th grade students and is a full band rehearsal situation.  So, unlike beginning band, the students experience all instruments playing and making music at the same time.     
   After a student has at least two years experience on a specific instrument, they then have the opportunity to experience Roosevelt Band at is fullest.  Roosevelt is the only Junior High in District 150 that has a marching band program for students to participate in.  Students learn various Marching fundamentals, memorize music, and march in about three to four different parades throughout the fall season.  Roosevelt's 7th and 8th grade concert band also gives many concerts in the community and at school.  We also participate in the IGSMA District Contest, and have numerous students perform for Solo and Ensemble Contest.
Ms. Bohls
Director of Bands