• Dear Parents,        

    Sterling Middle School staff is excited to announce the formal introduction of PBIS to our students and school!  Following the main concepts of Be Responsible, Be Respectful, and Be There/Be Ready, we are teaching expectation to students for positive and appropriate behavior in the following areas:


    Classroom        Bus      Halls     Outdoors          Restroom         Cafeteria          All Settings


    When you visit Sterling, you will see that our expectations are posted throughout the school and staff refer to them often. 


    Each week we will focus on a different area by teaching, practicing, and reinforcing expected behaviors.  We hope that your student will share some of these exciting practices with you and that you will support their positive choices.  At school, students will be issued Jaguar Bucks when staff observes them exhibiting the expected behaviors.  The Jaguar Bucks may be redeemed on Fridays for small treats and school supplies.  Students may also elect to save their Jaguar Bucks to spend on a ticket to a “Fun Friday” on the last Friday of each month.


    Our goal at Sterling is to not only reduce negative behaviors, but to increase positive and appropriate ones.  Already there is excitement in the air as students earn and redeem their bucks and look forward to Fun Fridays.  If you would like to join the excitement, please consider running our Friday store or joining us for a Fun Friday on the last Friday of the month!  Please contact Mr. Gallo or Mrs. Schuler if you’d like to help!                                                                                                                                                        
    Go Jaguars!