• Peoria Public Schools Fine Arts


    Fine arts education is a vital part of the curriculum at all grade levels and is designed to offer programs (cross-curricular teaching and performance-based groups) to help children succeed in school, life and work. 


    All schools offer visual art, instrumental and vocal instruction through an approved curriculum. Roosevelt Magnet School and Peoria High School also offer dance and drama.

    • Instruction in general music is offered in grades K-6
    • Instruction in instrumental music is offered in grades 5-12
    • Instruction in vocal music is offered in grades 5-12
    • Instruction in visual arts is offered in grades K-12
    • Instruction in dance is offered K-8 at Roosevelt Magnet School and Peoria High School
    • Instruction in drama is offered 5-8 at Roosevelt School, Peoria High School and Richwoods High School

    Opportunities are available for our student artists to showcase their skills in various venues throughout the community.  Numerous partnerships exist with civic and fine arts community organizations that help to ensure promotion of the arts in Peoria Public Schools, as well as life long appreciation and participation in the arts.

    Peoria Public Schools also offers enriched fine arts courses of study to families who desire an educational environment that utilizes multiple approaches to learning with a fine arts focus.  Enrollment and participation are contingent upon a successful application and audition process.

    • Roosevelt Magnet School for the Visual and Performing Arts

      Grades K-8
      1704 W. Aiken Avenue
      Laura Rodgers, Principal
    • The Preparatory School for the Arts (PSA) at Peoria High School

      Grades 9-12
      1615 N. North Street
      Dr. Annette Coleman, Principal
    • The Peoria Jazz AllStars

      Manual Academy
      811 S. Griswold