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    I am looking forward to our next adventure in learning.  It will not be perfect, but it will be PHEARCE.  After nearly 30 years of teaching, I am expanding my horizons so please bear with me and have patience.  We are all in this together!!

    Before next week there is a little homework for you to complete-

    1. Open your student e-mail. You may go through the district page or use the following link:


    *Your e-mail is your lunch number@students.psd150.org and password is your 8 digit birthday (just like when you log into a computer at school)


    It is important that you access this e-mail as it will be where you will get updates, assignments, invites to class, and other information.  Send me an e-mail from your account- this will be your 2nd homework assignment for ALL of my classes- even study skills😊

    1. Join my REMIND group-


    *text 81010 and type the code that matches your class:


    Bridge to Algebra- @mrsstuber1


    Div. Occ- @mrsstuberd


    Study skills- @4bdgf8ee