• Welcome to Health Sciences!
    You are enrolled in: 
    ICC 104/ Health 150
    Medical Terminology (Hlth 121)/FIRST AID (HLTH 120)
    Introduction to Entry Level Skill Development in Healthcare (Health Occ)

    FALL 2022 Schedule

    1: HLTH 120

    2: Health Occupations (Sports Med)

    3: Department Chair Hour

    4: Health Occupations (Sports Med)

    5: ICC 104

    6: Health Occupations

    7: PREP

    Electronic Devices are necessary for success in my courses!  
    Basics of Getting into TEAMS: 

    1.     Go to psd150.org

    2.     Click “Students and Parents” Tab

    3.     Click “Learning @ home”

    4.     Click Microsoft Teams for Edu

    5.     Login using 8 digit password (normally birthdate)

    ALL STUDENTS NEED ACCESS TO THEIR 150 Email accounts and their Microsoft teams accounts as we will have a partial virtual classroom learning system. More here (Microsoft teams) and here (Student login info). I highly suggest download the microsoft teams app for your computer/laptop/tablet/phone! If you need access to technology, please go to the district website and fill out the form for a device.  
    Instructor: Alyssa Emanuelson (ROOM 303 A/B)
    Teacher Google Voice Number: (309) 306-1164 (Please text this number if needed)
    Email: alyssa.emanuelson@psd150.org     
    Twitter: @RHSHealthOcc
    My background includes 16 years of experience as a certified and state licensed athletic trainer (the person that runs on the field and takes care of athletic injuries among other things). I worked for 5 years as an athletic trainer and then started working for District 150. Currently, I teach at RHS and I am the speech coach. I work as an athletic trainer for Midwest Orthopedics in Peoria. I teach Med Term at ICC one night per week. I went to Iowa State for my B.S. in Exercise Science: Athletic Training; Illinois State for a M.S. in Kinesiology; and Olivet for a M.A. in Teaching. I also minored in Sociology at Iowa State for fun and have taught it at RHS and also incorporate it into my other courses. In my spare time, I run a non-profit dog rescued founded in 2022 called Pet Pack Rescue Initiative.  I am active in animal rescue. I've fostered more and adopted out more than 500 dogs to date. In 2018, I was honored to be selected as one of the "40 Under 40."  My dogs are also certified therapy dogs and visit local nursing homes, libraries, schools, etc... I also run for "fun" with my pitbull Mahoney. I have one child, a fifth grader named Shai,  she attends Rolling Acres. 
                     Mahoney and I