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    ICC 104/ Heocc 114
    Medical Terminology (Hlth 121)/FIRST AID (HLTH 120)
    Introduction to Entry Level Skill Development in Healthcare (Health Occ)
     Instructor: Alyssa Emanuelson (ROOM 303 A/B)
    Teacher Google Voice Number: (309) 306-1164 (Please text or call this number if needed)
    Email: alyssa.emanuelson@psd150.org     
    My background includes ten years of experience as a certified and state licensed athletic trainer (the person that runs on the field and takes care of athletic injuries among other things). I worked for 5 years as an athletic trainer and then started working for District 150. Currently, I teach at RHS and I am the speech coach. I still work as an athletic trainer for Midwest Orthopedics in Peoria. I teach Med Term at ICC one night per week. I went to Iowa State for my B.S. in Exercise Science: Athletic Training; Illinois State for a M.S. in Kiniesiology; and Olivet for a M.A. in Teaching. I also minored in Sociology at Iowa State for fun and have taught it at RHS and also incorporate it into my other courses. In my spare time, I am on the Board of Directors for Foster Pet Outreach and I am active in animal rescue. I've fostered more and adopted out more than 135 dogs to date.  My dogs are also certified therapy dogs and visit local nursing homes, libraries, schools, etc... I also run for "fun" with my pitbull Mahoney. I have one child, a second grader named Shai that attends Hines Primary School. 
    My digital story: Emanuelson 2017
                     Mahoney and I