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    Name: Eric Kraft
    Grade: 9-10
    Room #: Main Gym

    Welcome to Physical Education/Fitness 9-10

       The purpose of these classes is to enable the students to gain the basic skills and knowledge of lifetime fitness activities.  This class will provide students with the opportunity to actively participate in a safe controlled environment.  

       During their time in Physical Education students gain knowledge is a variety of activities fitness training principals and enable students take charge of their personal nutritional information.  Students will be required to train two days a week in a split cycle of dynamics, fitness and core training principals.  This course is an extension that was created last year to promote functional fitness for our students.

       The activity portion of this class is structured to enable students to actively participate in multiple activities.  We will enjoy outdoor activities such as football, soccer, tennis, ultimate frisbee as long as weather permits.  We will participate until weather consistantly reaches 55 degrees.  Indoor activities will include basketball, boccer, floor hockey, badmitton volleyball, pickleball, flickerball, mattball and other related fitness activities.

         If your student is absent or has a medical from Physical Education class it is their responsibilty to get the required make up work for class.  All make up work will be given full credit if completed and turned in to teacher on time.  All students will be given the opportunity to complete missed or medically excluded work.