•                 Welcome to Mrs. Tuggle's World of Science
    It is the tension between creativity and skepticism that has produced
                                   the stunning and unexpected findings of science. Carl Sagan

         A lifelong learner, teacher, skeptic, sci-fi and science junkie molded at a young age by the philosophy
    of Star Trek and Dr Who, along with the irresistible stories of Tolkein and R.A. Heinlein.
          Mythical stories entwining worlds of science, or so some may think.  In 2006, the film ”How William
    Shatner Changed the World” revealed inventors inspired by Star Trek. Like the Trek fans who invented
    the first home computer, the NASA engineer who created the ion propulsion for a space probe, and the
    engineer who made the first cell phone. 
          Science is related to art, which can be seen in Dali's representation of Einstein's theory of relativity
    “The Disintegration of the Persistence of Memory” or Les Paul's inventions of eight track recording and
    electric guitars. This relationship is an allurement enticing me to be a perpetual tyro of fine arts and music.
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