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    Name:  Mr. Sollberger
    Grade: 5-8 E.D.
     Hello!  My name is Mr. Sollberger.  The 2019-2020 school year is my ninth at Sterling.  I am very excited to be back because I love the school, the students, and the amazing staff and faculty that we have here.  In addition to teaching, I am also the boys baseball coach.  If you have any questions or would like to talk for any reason, please do not hesitate to email me. Go Jaguars! 



    Winter snow clipart

    Snow Day Learning Activities

    Snow Day Homework

    Mr. Sollberger’s Snow-Day Homework Menu

    Choose at least five squares to do. One of them must be “Read for 20 minutes and complete learning log.”  When you are finished, put an X through the completed boxes. Attach any items to your menu and bring all of your materials to school the next day.  If you are completing this for more than 1 snow day, you must choose 5 new things each day.


    Student Name:                                                                                Parent Signature:

    Pick 2 rooms.  Measure the length of the walls and add them together to find the perimeter.

    Record all of your findings.

    Read an article in the newspaper (or have an adult read it to you).  It can be from any day or section of the paper. Write at least 3 things you learned about it.

    Watch a 30 minute news show on tv. Write the name of the show and 3 things you learned to share with your teacher.

    Pick 3 emotions.  Draw a picture of a situation that would make you feel each one of the emotions.  Write your emotion next to the picture.

    Look at the food labels of at least 5 items in your home. Figure out the total calories of all foods combined.

    Record your observations.


    20 jumping jacks

    20 sit ups

    20 toe touches

    Jog in place for 5 minutes

    Write 3 math problems that use 3 operations (add, subtract, multiply, divide). No single

    digit numbers.

    Challenge yourself!

    Solve the problem and show your work.

    Research a state that you would like to visit. Find out its capital city, state bird, state flower, state nickname, and bordering states.

    Write your first and last name 10 times in cursive.

    Watch the newest episode of

    CNN Student

    News and write 3 new/interesting facts


    Write a letter to a friend describing one thing you did today.

    Interview an adult and ask them at least 5 questions about when they were in school.

    Read for

    20 minutes and complete learning log

    Get a pile of change and count it out for an adult.  Take a few coins away and count it again.  Add some more coins back to the pile and count it again.

    Make a word search using 15 words you have worked on in Reading or Spelling.

    Draw a picture of a snow scene from the view of a window in your house or apartment.

    Spend 30 minutes on Freckle or MobyMax

    Create a snow day playlist with at least 5 songs that made your day at home a great one. Bring your list with you.

    Find 15 words from things around your house and complete pyramid spelling using them.

    Go online and find

    5 interesting facts about a famous person who was born in Illinois and share these facts with a parent or sibling.

    Research a picture of a building or event in Illinois that is not in Peoria.  Draw your own version of that place and label what it is.

    Bake or cook something using a recipe (with a parent, if needed). Write down what you made and how it turned out!

    Find a comic or a book on Epic.  Read it and make up a 5 question quiz to give to someone else who reads it.

    Create two math word problems. Solve the problems, show your work and be ready to challenge the class.

    Create a map of one room in your house. Make sure to add a compass rose and map key with at least 5 things in it.




    Learning Log


    Book Title:


    Book Author:


    Time Started:


    Time Ended:


    Pages Read:


    What did you read about in the book?


















    Team Photo

    Congratulations to the boys baseball team on a great season!  We are so proud of the progress and growth everyone made as players and young men.  Looking forward to having everyone tryout again next August!  

    If you are interested in playing baseball in the Spring or Summer, please see me and I will help put you in contact with another league or organization so you can practice your skills all year long!





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    Students can access MyOn and Epic at home to read fun books.


    To access myon the address is https://www.myon.com/index.html

    Then a student can select our school and then lunch number and birthday in 05031965 order. 


    To access EPIC the address is https://www.getepic.com/students  

    Then a student can log in using their classroom code (PKY5134)