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    Music Staff
    Name: Ann Guthrie
    Grades:5th-12th Choral, Drama, and General Music
    Room #190
    Master of Music, Northwestern University
    Bachelor of Music Education, Bradley University
    Member of National Association of Music Education
    Member of Jazz Education Network
    Past Member of Corn Stock Theatre and Peoria Players Theatre
    August 24, 2020
    Dear Parents, Guardians, and Students,
    Welcome back to our first semester of Distance Learning.  Hopefully, each student has access to a computer at home or has checked out a Stream laptop from Manual to access your classes online.  Textbooks may be needed for some classes and these can also be picked up at Manual.  Students also receive their class schedule.
    How is this supposed to work? Teachers will be connecting with you mainly thru MS Teams.  If you do not have wi-fi, Comcast is offering wi-fi service to families with school-age children at a reduced price.  
    How do I meet with my teacher?  Teachers will be sending out invites thru MS Teams.  Emails will go out to student emails, so please be checking your school email (lunch#@students.psd150.org).  You will get an email with a link at the bottom "Join Microsoft Teams Meeting" with an appointed time.  Five to ten minutes before the meeting you should click on the link.  It will ask you to join the meeting.  First wiggle your mouse to make sure you mute your mic and turn on your camera.  Then click on Join Meeting.  The meeting leader will accept you into the meeting.
    What work will be required?  All assignments will count towards grades.  Failure to submit an assignment or submitting a blank assignment will receive a 40%.
    In the spring we found out about this interesting thing call "time-lag".  It takes a second or more for signals to travel so you can't have one person playing a piano at school and have students sing along at the same time.  The overall product would not line up correctly.  Chorus students will be working with pre-recorded music and recording in their own homes.  We will learn music theory sight-reading, and music history, listen and evaluate music, and explore music websites.
    I miss not being able to be in-person with my students, but there is an upside to everything.  Distance Learning can be flexible and we can learn technology that is important for future employment in the 21st Century.
    Feel free to email me with anything you'd like to share or questions.  As Mrs. Hawks, our MHS Principal would say, "We're gonna rock this!"
    Ann Guthrie
    Manual High School
    Choral & Drama Director
    309-672-6600 ext. 50190 (school phone)
    309-370-5371 (cell)