• Hello 4P Families!

    Mrs. Page
    Name:  Marricea Page
    Grade:  4
    Room #:  4C
    Income Outcome  
    Week 2 of E-Learning Begins!! 4/14/20
    Hello 4P Families!
    Welcome to Week 2 of E-Learning! Hope everyone had a nice Easter. E-learning resumes on Tuesday 4/14.
    If this is your first week, please start with the video, How to Login to MS Teams. Once you've logged in to MS Teams, watch the video from last week title, "Watch Me First". This video will show students how to navigate some of the features in our e-classroom. Next, watch the video titled, Watch Me Week 2,  detailing the assignments that are due on Friday. 
    If your child missed last weeks assignments, don't worry about making them up. Start with this week's assignments. 
    The purpose of these assignments is to keep your child learning and engaged. However, I am not expecting them to work as if they are at school. Two hours max is all that is needed each day. I provide a suggested schedule, but you have the ultimate say of what your child will do each day and for how long. Do what works best for your family. I do not want to add anymore stress to anyone's lives. 
    Our class meetings will be every Tuesday and Thursday from 11-11:30 am. If possible, have your child log in to ask questions, say hi, and talk with their classmates. This time is for the students, if you have any questions I will be available by email/BLOOMZ from 9-2:30 each day. 
    I look forward to seeing more of my kids this week! I miss them all so much!

    Stay safe, stay healthy!
    ~Mrs. Page
    Download the BLOOMZ app and enter code DKWR36 to be connected to my class!