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    Welcome to Mrs. Withrow's Online Classroom!
    Name: Mrs. Margaret Withrow   
    Grade: Senior AP LIT, Freshman English -- English I and English IE
    Email: Margaret.Withrow@psd150.org   
    Room #:407   5th hour PREP
     Welcome!  I hope we have a successful year.  I plan to post any large assignments or long-term projects on this site.  Skyward will also list any smaller assignments that are pending.  Please contact me if your child is missing any work or if you have any concerns about his/her grade. I appreciate you trusting me with your child's education; you will not be disappointed.  Please contact me with any concerns.   
    SNOW DAY UPDATE--If there is a SNOW DAY, please view this page of my website to see what I expect you to complete...
    WEEK OF        November 11--  ALL STUDENTS (ALL CLASSES)  Read the following article and write a 1/2 page 
                                                                                                response that explains YOUR opinion and provides
                                                                                                at least TWO pieces of EVIDENCE from the text 
                                                                                                supports your opinion.  
                                                                                                 Vaping Crisis
                                                                                                Social Media Destroying Nature
    Students in my class are required to have the following items each day:
       *a 1-subject notebook for journaling
       *post-it notes
       *a red pen or colored marker
       *a writing utensil
       *blank notebook paper
       *all textbooks for English class
              Seniors: (Perrine's LITERATURE or Collections, Close Reader, NOVELS, Vocabulary)
             Freshman: (Collections, Close Reader, NOVELS, Vocabulary)