• Welcome to 3T!

    Name: Rebecca Timke
    Grade: 3
    Room #: 3T


     Learning Anywhere Info:  While there is no set requirement for how many assignments students must complete each day due to differences in availability of technology, here is a guideline for parents to follow.
    Reading/Language-Students should read and take quizzes from their Read Theory accounts.  I recommend reading and taking a quiz on at least 10 passages a week and completing at least 2 writing prompts a week. The last question on a quiz is a written response prompt.  I will be scoring and giving feedback to student writing from home, so be sure to have your child check their writing icon after logging in.
    Students should also answer at least 20 word study questions a week on their Freckle ELA accounts.  There are many good passages in the article library, also.
    Math-Students should complete their 2 fact practices and work on adaptive practice.  They should work on Base 10, operations and algebraic thinking, geometry, measurement and data, or fractions.  

    Special note about Freckle: If students are not getting coins, they are not working at the right level! Please check for this if possible and I will alert you if I see it happening.  

    There are a multitude of resources on our class website for students to use to keep up with their learning to the left of this message. Hope too see everyone back at school soon!
    One more thing-The Elevate promise is still on for anyone making it through Read Theory! We have some students close to the last level already. I'll keep an eye on your knowledge points and we'll plan our trip when things are safe!

    Welcome to 3T!  Third grade is a great year with many exciting things going on.  We will learn a lot and try to have lots of fun along the way. It's important that we help each other along the way and work as a team.  Each of us is an important part of a learning community. 

    This is my 20th year here at Dr. Maude Sanders Primary!  I began my career here as a science and technology teacher, taught one year of fourth grade, and have taught third grade since.  I earned my Bachelor of Science in Education in 1998 and my Master of Science in Curriculum and Instruction in 2007.  I absolutely love teaching and enjoy getting to know each student during their year with me and beyond.  I take my role as their leader both academically and socially/emotionally very seriously.  I look forward to meeting and working with families to make this year a huge success! 
    Students will do a great deal of their learning this year using technology.  We have Journeys, an exciting new reading/language curriculum with both print and online materials, and will be using Engage New York math curriculum with online Zearn support.  We will also be using News-o-Matic to keep up with current events and Generation Genius science lessons.  I believe in the importance of technology literacy and utilizing resources.  Students will read books from our school and classroom library as well as online books from Epic!, MyOn, and Storyline Online.  They will also have opportunities to practice skills at their own pace with programs such as Dreamscape and Prodigy.  These programs are research-based and provide students will highly engaging learning activities and individualized, adative practice. 
    I will be posting calendar dates, weekly newsletters (printed copies will be sent home with students), and updates here. We will also be using Class Dojo to reward positive behavior and encourage social and emotional growth.  Information about how you can access Dojo to see how your child is doing will be sent home in the first few days.
    I welcome your insight and ideas, as well as concerns or suggestions for how I can improve this year's school experience. Please contact me via phone at 672-6571 during school hours or e-mail  rebecca.timke@psd150.org anytime.  Let’s have an awesome year!