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     Coins for Kids 2019 --Thank you so much to everyone who participated in the recently concluded Easter Seals Coins for Kids campaign.  We totaled up this past week, and are happy to announce that $486 was raised to donate to Easter Seals!   There was a tie for individual high contributors:   Sam Campbell and Marissa Campbell.   703 was the winning  homeroom, and thus will be recognized with a pizza party 9th period this Wednesday!

    Our students raised just under $1000 in 2018! Wow…and thanks!!!!    Thanks, Wildcats…for your generosity once again!!!!
    Washington students raised over $900 in 2017, $924.62 for the 2016 Easter Seals 'Coins for Kids' campaign, and in 2015 we raised $238.87! Awesome job students!


    Grandparents Day --The Builders Club helped with taking and sorting pictures during the Grandparents Day Event in the Library. They helped get the process flowing efficiently from set up, posters, and writing down customers' names, to putting the pictures in envelopes for disbursement. What a great bunch of students!

    GP Day Builders Club  

    Builders Club Develops Leaders Through Service

    If you want to make a difference in your life and community, check out Builders Club. Last year, more than 45,000 middle and junior high school students around the world were involved in this Kiwanis-family program, developing leadership skills while working with friends to help others in need. Their projects ranged from fundraising for HIV/AIDS prevention in Africa to recycling drives to cleaning up parks.

    As students maneuver this “in-between-stage” of life, Builders Club empowers them to be themselves, work together with friends, and implement plans through action. As an extension of Kiwanis International, Builders Club shares the mission of the building leaders to help children around the world. Through Builders Club, students become leaders at school, in their community, and in the world. They can continue this at the High School level with Key Club.

    Builders Club at WGMS Raises More Than $400.00 for Habitat Project

    On Friday, September 21, the Builders Club at Washington Gifted Middle School sponsored an Out-of-Uniform Buy-Out and Field Day fundraiser in support of Habitat for Humanity. Washington students paid $1.00 to dress out of uniform and another $1.00 to participate in field games, including spider ball, four square, kick ball and three-legged races. The event raised over $400.00.

    Builders Club members, under the guidance of faculty sponsor Noreen O’Reilly, planned the event, which was enjoyed by all students. Builders Club hopes to sponsor more Field Days in future school years.

    This Builders Club fundraiser is part of Washington Gifted School’s outreach community program to support a family that will be the recipient of a home built by Habitat for Humanity.