• The goal of Unity Point In-School Health is to assure that each child's healthcare needs are met by providing healthcare services, supporting the physician/patient relationship, and creating a link to a physician if none exists. We are here to help improve your child's health, to keep your student in school, healthy and ready to learn.
    Services that are provided by Unity Point In-School Health include:

    ·         Complete physical examination (school, sports, annual)

    ·         Immunizations

    ·         Acute and Chronic illness diagnosis and management

    ·         First aid and emergency services

    ·         Testing, treatment, education, and referrals for sexually transmitted infections

    ·         Laboratory services (throat cultures, glucose/hemoglobin testing, urine tests and some blood tests)

    ·         Confidential pregnancy testing and referrals. Counseling to prevent pregnancy.

    ·         Age appropriate anticipatory guidance and screening

    ·         Treatment for conditions that may cause absence from school (headaches, cramps, etc)

    ·         Individual and group education

    For your student to receive benefits from the Methodist In-School Health staff, a signed consent form along with a health history form must be completed each school year. This form is available at our office or online here.

    Office Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30am-3:30pm (during regular scheduled school days)

    Phone: 309-495-8509

    Fax: 309-495-8508

    Unity Point In-School Health also has clinics at Valeska Hinton, Harrison Community Learning Center, Trewyn K-6, and Glen Oak Community Learning Center.