• Manual Academy is a full service community school.  Partnering with some of the most effective and influential community agencies, Manual is able to provide its students with a full spectrum of services and resources that can assist them in every area. 
    We, at Manual Academy, are committed to addressing the needs of our students both inside and outside of the classroom.

    Community and Family Resource Links


    South Side Mission www.southsidemission.org (309) 676-4604

             1127 S. Laramie

    o Emergency Shelter

    o Clothing

    o Food Pantry

    Center For Prevention of Abuse www.centerforpreventionofabuse.org(800) 559-7233

                                     720 W. Joan Court

                              o Safe Shelter

    o Crisis Intervention

    o Individual and Family Support

    o Small Group Support

    Common Place www.commomplacepeoria.org  (309) 674-3315

             514 S. Shelley

    o After school programs

    o Home Repair

    o Adult Literacy

    Crittenton Center www.crittentoncenters.org (309) 674-0105

             442 W. John Gwynn Jr. Avenue

    o Crisis Nursery

    o Child Care

    o Community and family education

    o Parenting programs for strong families

    Boys and Girls Club www.bgcpeoria.org (309) 673-3673

             2703 W. Grinnell Street

    o Afterschool programs

    o Summer Programs

    o Youth Activities


    Big Brothers and Sisters www.hoibbbs.org (309) 637-1771


             1212 SW Adams #1


    o Mentoring

    o Volunteer Opportunities

    Human Service Center – (309) 671-8000 and (309) 589-7980


             1200 Hamilton Blvd.


    o Family Counseling

    o Youth Counseling

    o Substance Abuse Counseling

    o Emergency Response Counseling Services

    Family Core (formerly Counseling and Family Services) www.cfspeoria.org (309) 676-2400

    o Family Support

    o Youth Outreach

    o Counseling

    o Adoption

    o Foster Care

    TASC – Treatment Alternatives for Safe Communities www.tasc.org (309) 673-3769


    108 S. Madison


    o Healthworks

    o Smart Start for Healthy Children and Families

    o Access to Recovery

    o Various statewide services for assistance with juvenile court and probation.

    PCCEO – Peoria Citizens Committee for Economic Opportunity www.pcceo.org (309) 671-3900   
        711 W. McBean Street

    o Youth Summer Jobs

    o Headstart

    o Prescription Assistance

    o Utility Assistance

    o Rent/ Mortgage/ Emergency Housing

    o Food Bank

    o Small Business Assistance

    Friendship House www.peoriafriendshiphouse.org (309) 671-5200  
       800 NW Madison Avenue

    o Dress for Success

    o Latino Outreach Program

    o Children’s Programming

    o Various Community Support Programs