Sarah Wadi

Principal, Sarah Polnitz

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  • Mrs. Sarah Polnitz is a native to the outside Peoria area. She grew up in Edelstein, Illinois with her two parents and three brothers. Her father is from the Middle East while her mother grew up just down the road from the house Sarah grew up in. Sarah went to Illinois Valley Central for High School, then Illinois Central College and Bradley University for her first bachelors in Health Science and Biology. After graduating, Sarah worked as a preschool teacher for one year at a local private school. After completing one year, Sarah went back to Bradley University to obtain her second bachelor's in Elementary Education with a concentration in Science. She taught Kindergarten for five years, leading the Kindergarten team for three of those years at Pleasant Valley Primary. During her time teaching Kindergarten, she went back to school for her Master's in Educational Leadership from American College of Education. Sarah obtained her Masters in December of 2020. During the 2020 to 2021 school year, Sarah moved from Pleasant Valley to Whittier Primary to teach second grade. At the end of the school year she became the principal for the 2021 school year!