• Peoria Public Schools



    Ensure each student's academic achievement and personal success through personalized learning, social-emotional support, and educational equity.


    A re-imagined education that ignites passion and empowers students to be responsible and successful.


    Resilience • Adaptability • Hope • Equity • Respect • Connection • Innovation




  • Mission:

    Whittier Primary School utilizes research-based curriculum and instruction, differentiated instruction, and frequent assessment to ensure that all students succeed. Along with providing a safe environment for optimal learning, Whittier’s students are nurtured to maintain positive self-esteem, civic responsibility,and an appreciation for life-long learning.

    We promote the highest achievement and civic responsibility for every student to ensure continued academic success in middle school.

    Peoria Public Schools Values

    • Expectations of Excellence an environment of high expectations in which all people consistently strive to operate at optimal performance levels.

    • Respect caring for all people and valuing their unconditional worth.

    • Integrity/Ethical behavior consistent actions based on the highest standards of credibility, honesty, and ethical behavior.

    • Collaboration working together to achieve common goals through open and honest communications.

    • Communication conveying thoughts and ideas through a variety of mediums that promote clarity and understanding.

    • Accountability/Commitment accepting personal responsibility for the accomplishment of organizational goals.

    Expectations of Excellence

    • I encourage students to believe in themselves.
    • I support the concept of life-long learning in myself and students.
    • I expect students to be the best that they can be.
    • I continually look for ways to improve my teaching both in knowledge and delivery of lessons.
    • I attempt to understand each individual student to the best of my ability.
    • I look forward to being inspired by students, other teachers, parents, and their ideas.


    • I demonstrate/model good manners (please, thank you, excuse me.)
    • I listen to the children and make them feel valued (thoughts and opinions).
    • I work with other staff members to create a respectful environment.
    • I respect/appreciate the efforts displayed by my students and other staff members.
    • I work to instill and demonstrate a high regard for authority.

    Integrity/Ethical Behavior

    • I adhere to deadlines.
    • I tell the truth.
    • I welcome and respect input from others.
    • I model good behavior.
    • I seek opinions/suggestions of others and listen to their ideas with an open mind.
    • I share my ideas with other teachers, staff, parents, and students as appropriate.
    • I evaluate/revise my personal opinions to come to consensus.
    • I expect and want all parties involved to participate in information sharing and possible remediation.
    • I send home weekly newsletters and graded papers.
    • I read the staff bulletin.
    • I make phone calls, send notes, and speak with parents on a daily basis.
    • I send Good News postcards.
    • I meet and plan with my grade level team.
    • I attend staff meetings.
    • I interact with my students using varied teaching styles.
    • I am committed to providing a nurturing learning environment of my students.
    • I am committed to providing instructional practices that meet the needs of all
    • I am accountable to provide and model desired behaviors.
    • I am committed to developing nurturing relationships with my students/families.