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     ********Your student may have received a list of Library Fines with Report Cards. If a book marked as LOST is returned, the fee will be removed.*********

     Almost Done

    Washington has had the most readers in the Peoria Public Library Summer Reading Contest for 24 years and we want to thank YOU for helping to keep our streak alive! Even if you are going to be away for the summer, your sign-up counts as long as you read books somewhere.

    During the 2019-2020 school year, Washington will have the Bookmobile visiting during lunch recess on Thursdays. Make sure to bring your Library Card! 

    We are always on the lookout for great books! If you are interested in helping take a look at our Wish List tab. 

    Library Check Out Rules & Fees

    • BOOKS:  Books are checked out for 2 weeks. They may be renewed for another 2 weeks unless they have a hold placed on them. The book must be present to be renewed.
    • YEAR BOOKS: Library Use Only
    • MAGAZINES: 7 day check out period
    • Students will be held responsible for overdue and /or lost materials
    • Materials will not be checked out in someone else's name.
    • A fee of $2.00 will be charged to a student for a damaged book that can be repaired.
    • Lost/Destroyed books:  Charged for the cost of actual replacement of the book.
    • When a student is charged for a lost or damaged book, the student may not check out any materials until charges are cleared from their name.
    • Use only a bookmark or piece of paper to keep you place in a book, do not fold down the corner of pages or place open books face down.
    • Some books have content (violence, romance, etc.) that is more suitable for older students and are labeled “Checkout For 7th & 8th Grade Only” or “Checkout For 8th Grade Only”. Students not in these grades may check these out ONLY with a signed note giving parental permission.

    Library Rules

    • Be considerate of others who are working
    • Use a quiet voice
    • No food or drinks
    • Appropriate language only
    • When others are waiting, limit the time you spend on computers
    • Show care when using all library resources
    • The Library is the place to read, research, study, or find a book
    • Improper, inappropriate, or destructive conduct will lead to loss of Library privileges.
    • Student Groups may utilize the library after school only if the librarian is informed and an adult is present.

    Internet / Computer Use

    • No emailing, messaging, game playing, downloading, objectionable websites, streaming video, or non-school-related usage.
    • Before a student leaves the library he/she is expected to log off their computer, leave the area around their computer clean, push in their chairs and return all materials to the areas that they found them.

    Library Beautification

    • Students should return any books that were used while in the Library to the wooden cart
    • Students should throw away all trash, push in their chairs, and return any borrowed items to the librarian.

    School Rules and the Library

    • Students need to remember that all other school rules are in effect while visiting the Library.
    • Students violating the above rules may be asked to leave the Library and/or restricted from using the Library, other than when accompanied by a teacher, for a designated period of time.
    Peoria Public Library Events 
    Check out http://www.peoriapubliclibrary.org for hours and fun events at each Library Branch. The Peoria Public Libraries offer programs and activities for Middle and High School students, as well as little ones and parents, too. Download issues of Kid Events from the Peoria Public Library website under the events tab or here to see all of the fun events offered by PPL.