• Girls Volleyball
    Coach:Mr. Evans

    End of the season volleyball party will be next Tuesday, May 1st from 2:30-4:15 in the large gym. The girls jv will play a game against boys jv. Varsity girls will play a game against the varsity boys. 

    Please click on link below for more information regarding the end of the season party!! 

    Volleyball Party Information




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    Girls volleyball is a competitive league and not all athletes will get the same playing time. There was a large turn out of girls trying out this year, which means there were a lot of cuts made. Please do not feel discouraged in continuing the sport of volleyball. There are numerous outside club team, camps, and opportunities to advance skills.  

    Students MUST have a valid Sports Physical prior to competition/game and a try out form turned in. 
    All matches will start at 4 pm. We’ll play the JV match first, followed by the Varsity match. 
    All players are responsible for transportation to away matches. Please be at the host school by 3:15 pm for all away matches. And all students shall be picked up by 5:30 pm at the host school or promptly after game ends. 
    All practices will be held after school during the season, unless change is notified. The activity buses are available at 4:15pm for the players if needed. If not riding activity bus, all players shall be picked up by 4:20 pm.
    Lastly, we’re “Student Athletes”, school comes first! These are competitive leagues, not recreational leagues; Not every student trying out will make the team; Not every player will play in every game; All players are expected to be at every practice and game.