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     We hope to see you all at the Washington Gifted School PTO's monthly meetings! Meetings at 6pm on 2nd Thursday of each month. All parents are welcome and encouraged to come to these meetings.
    2 Hour Family Challenge!
    We truly value your time! We hope you are able to volunteer for two hours per family during the year for opportunities like room parties, dance chaperones, sports event ticket table, Help-a-thon chaperones, and Book Fair volunteers. A complete list of committees and opportunities will be sent home at the beginning of the school year. Thank you in advance for your willingness to help our students!



    May 14, 2019

    Present: Brandon Henley, Amanda Henley, Michelle Nielsen Ott, Bre Reynolds, Heidi Bauer, Brenda Wilson, Katie Jones, Gina Isada, Alyce Jackson, Becky Herkelman, Susan Martin, Dave Poehls, and Shari Holzer

    Meeting called to order at 6:06pm

    Motion to approve minutes: Amanda Henley and Heidi Bauer, motion carried

    Principal’s Report: Thanked everyone for field trips today and thanked the PTO for sponsoring the trips. Suggested considering doing trips on different days next year. For example 5th grade trip in April, move Spurlock trip to 6th grade to coordinate with curriculum, and since the City Museum trip is so popular saving that as the 8th grade trip. He thinks the total cost is $8,000-9,000.

    Susan Martin talked about the Building Meeting they had: last day of school is May 28th, teachers last day is on the 29th, school will close at 8pm on May 30th and work will begin that night. Plan is to be done by August 2nd, hopes to get teachers into their classrooms August 5, 6, and 7th. Talked about having “Wildcat Eve” on August 8th for new WGMS students and another day for returning students to do a locker set up. School starts the following week. Because of packing up the school for all of the improvements they are doing some purging, for example, old curriculum. PTO and parent volunteers may be needed to go through old items such as previously used drama scenery.

    Summit Learning will not happen next year. Mrs. Martin has been contacted by parents and would like to get together with a group of 8-10 to research something that will fit at WGMS. But requested that meeting after the new school year starts. Mentioned that 1 to 1 technology for our students would take 6 stream carts costing $10,000 to 11,000 each. A parent requested including teachers in on exploring any new curriculum options. A parent also mentioned if District 150 was going to get tablets for Summit, why can’t they supply them anyway. Mrs. Martin suggested looking into getting the carts funded, for example, having alumni sponsor a cart.

    The new school year will compress from 10 periods to 8. Spanish will then be offered to 5, 6, and 7th graders on rotation. 8th graders will split time with ELA and a Spanish block. Mrs. Conard will move to the 8th grade ELA position and is looking into getting a Spanish placement test. There will now be one teacher per grade level for ELA and Math. WIN is being removed and ELA teachers will have a 30 minute block to work on differentiated instruction. Mrs. Martin would like to do “bookend homerooms”, meeting 15 minutes at the beginning of the day and 10 minutes at the end.

    Mrs. Martin requested PTO money for new carpets in the front door and in front of the office, Wildcat blue with a large W, sizes 6x10’ or 6x12’ and 3x4’. Mr. Poehls will look into whether or not they have to be flame retardant. Mrs. Martin also requested money for fun, positive, educational vinyl wall clings.

    Treasurer’s Report: Cash balance is $22,700. Will pay about $5,000 for field trip busses. Motion to approve budget: Heidi Bauer and Brandon Henley. Motion carried. Reminded that we still have $3000 set aside for new wall mats for the large gym. Motion to approve $1500 for Mrs. Martin’s requests: Michelle Nielsen Ott

    and Amanda Henley. Motion carried. Becky brought up a request for supporting a team doing Odyssey of the Mind that has a WGMS student on it. She suggested the amount of up to $300 because that is what PT0 gives Destination Imagination teams. Motion to support Odyssey: Heidi Bauer and Brandon Henley. Motion carried. Heidi brought a request from Mrs. Flemming for 24 volleyballs and 12 soccer balls. Motion to approve $200 for volleyballs and $200 for soccer next school year: Alyce Jackson and Becky Herkelman. Motion carried.

    President’s Report: We still need chair people for next year’s Brown Bag Dinner and the 8th Grade Dance. Please contact Alyce if interested.

    Called for a motion to approve New PTO Executive Board for 2019-2020

    Bre Reynolds – Secretary

    Brandon Henley – Treasurer

    Sarah Hall – Vice President

    Alyce Jackson –President

    Motion: Brenda Wilson and Heidi Bauer. Motion carried

    Next year’s PTO meetings will be on the 2nd Thursday of the month at 6pm.

    Mrs. Hayes requested the help of 6-8 people to help with the carnival on May 28th. Mr. Poehls also requested help on the evening of May 24th for carnival set up. The track team will sell pizza at the carnival.

    New Business: The Hawley Wild Drama Club will hold auditions for The Little Mermaid on May 14th and 15th from 3:30 to 5:30 at Mt. Hawley Community Church.

    A parent asked how groups do their fundraising, particularly band and orchestra. Mr. Poehls said Fine Arts Night money goes to them and that they also get part of an endowment fund. He also said they try to let groups take turns selling at different events to raise money for their group. Parent suggested matching the group to the event. The parent also asked about purchasing and where the donated money goes. Another parent mentioned a group called Music Ambassadors that takes RHS students to tour Europe; it requires a teacher’s recommendation and parents are responsible for the cost.

    Heidi Bauer thanked Mr. Poehls for everything he’s done for WGMS.

    Motion to adjourn at 7:21pm: Heidi Bauer and Amanda Henley



    Should you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me. I look forward to another great year at Washington!

     Alyce Jackson

    PTO President apmljackson@gmail.com


                     PTO 2020          

    Dates to remember… stay tuned!

    Box Tops
    Save these labels so the school can earn equipment. Ask your family, friends and neighbors to save them for you, too. Put them in separate baggies or envelopes with your student's name and homeroom on it. 
    Box Tops go in the mailbox. 
     Do you ever wonder how the money raised by the PTO is spent? Here are some ways the PTO helped during the school year:

     In the Classroom: Theory of Knowledge materials ($300), New York Times Classroom subscriptions ($260), used instruments for band ($350), Texas Instruments Math Forward equipment($250)

    For the Washington Gifted Community: back-to-school shirts for all students ($350), prizes for the PBIS Store ($300), offset end-of-year field trip expenses for all families ($6000) 


    The PTO is busy all year sponsoring events not only for the Washington families to get to know each other, but also to provide some fundraising. In a typical year, the PTO sponsors the following activities (timing is approximate):


    Fundraising Restaurant Nights; Box Tops are collected; Spirit Wear is sold; Picture Person volunteers (as available) are teaching about art.


    The Back To School committee welcomes everyone back to school at the Coffee Get Together.


    Books are celebrated at the first of two Book Fairs; Room Parents are throwing Halloween parties; Destination Imagination teams are forming; the Staff Appreciation committee plans a grand buffet to celebrate the teachers & staff.


    The Honor Roll Recognition committee recognizes the honor roll students; the grandparents are welcomed to the school on Grandparents' Day; the 8th-grade girl athletes are recognized at the final home basketball game by the 8th Grade Sports Recognition committee.


    The Room Parents are back to throw a winter party to kick off winter break.


     The 2nd quarter honor students are recognized again with a party by the Honor Roll Recognition committee.


     Washington's student talent is showcased at the Brown Bag It Dinner Theater; the Staff Appreciation committee provides another luncheon for the staff; Room Parents throw their final party on Valentine's Day; the 8th-grade boy athletes are recognized by the 8th Grade Sports Recognition committee at the final home basketball game.


    The Book Fair is back for a second round.


     The 3rd quarter honor roll students get to celebrate a final time at a party by the Honor Roll Recognition committee.


    The graduating 8th-graders enjoy one final dance at Washington, as well as their Honor Ceremony, all sponsored by the 8th Grade Honor Ceremony committee.