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    School begins at 7:30am. Students can go to their lockers beginning at 7:15am and should be in their classrooms at 7:25am.
    Students should be in their seats and ready to learn at 7:30am. Doors will be shut at 7:30am. If a student is tardy, they must report to the office to sign in.
    Every week before school resumes, the principal sends out a message to keep parents and students up-to-date for the upcoming weeks' activities.
    Principal's Weekly Call to Parents

    Good evening, everyone!   Well, time for the last all call!  Hard to believe!

    Tomorrow , we finish up  another great year to be a Wildcat!  Here is our schedule:

    Tuesday May 28, 2019:  Last student day!   The schedule is from 7:30am TILL 1:30pm ( Please note the one hour early dismissal!) Buses will run both AM and PM.

    Tomorrow is a uniform free day for everyone!  Carnival, of course!  Parents, we truly appreciate any help you have given, and have offered to give, for our end of year carnival. Ms. Hayes has asked that any parent who wants to help their student set up their booth..you are welcome to do so!   Carnival will run from 11:30 till 1:15.  The carnival is for current Washington students only, as we celebrate the end of the yea.r 2018-19 together!! 

    Please remember …lunch as usual is available…but, in addition, the track team is sponsoring…for $5.00: Pizza, chips, and a drink..on sale at start of carnival and throughout!  Don’t forget to bring your money tomorrow for all the fun and surprises! 

    Students will be in homerooms tomorrow from 7:30AM till 10:45 to receive report card packets and information(yes, they are coming home!! ), and clean out lockers. They will also receive yearbooks, and then have a time for signing them.  Lunch is at 11:15, and the carnival begins at  11:30!

    Please remember as we close out the year that any items you may have left here, any items you need to pick up, etc….please do no later than Thursday!  The building will be inaccessible beginning Friday May 31st, as the major HVAC and lighting project begins. Washington will turn into a construction site..and it will be exciting to see what August 14th, 2019 ( the first day of the 19-20 school year ) brings! 

    Finally... my heartfelt thank you to everyone for a wonderful journey these past 8 years. As I embark on the next part of my career, I have considered it a great honor to serve all of you.  Washington will be in great hands under Mrs. Susan Martin’s guidance, and I look forward to watching all the great things ahead !  As I report to Richwoods High School,  I look forward to continuing so many great opportunities to work with students and families from Washington and other schools as they encounter high school adventures!

    It has been my greatest joy to watch students, families, and staff come together to continue weaving the fabric of Washington. It truly has been rewarding to see so many overcome challenges, doubts, and then rise to the occasion and triumph!  I have enjoyed every conversation, every performance, every achievement, and every opportunity.   I hope that the mission of Dignity, Respect, and Achievement continues to guide everyone in their journey.   

    I hope everyone has a great summer, new adventures, growth,  rest, safety, and a sense of excitement for the journeys ahead!

    So, for the last time….Have a great night, and we will see you bright and early tomorrow morning! 

                                                                                                                                                          Mr. Poehls



    As discussed with students, here is the Core Values and the School Culture Policy for students and parents at Washington.

    Parents, please print and sign the Field Trip Permission Form to allow your student(s) to participate in fun and educational learning experiences off campus. Please return immediately, otherwise students may be excluded from any further trips.


    From the Nurse:



    Students are not allowed to posses medication during the school day, with the exception of asthma inhalers and epinephrine auto-injectors with the completed School Medication Authorization & Release form and nurse approval.  This includes over-the-counter medications and cough drops.  All medication must be brought to the school office with the completed School Medication Authorization & Release Form (available at the school office, your healthcare provider's office, or for download / print from Peoria Public Schools website:  from "Students & Parents" tab, drop down to "Forms" link).  For inhalers ONLY, a photocopy of the prescription label on the box substitutes for the health care provider's signature.




    Effective 8/8/2014, students’ Compass Login and Password format will  be their 6-digit Student ID. Their password will be their 6-digit date of birth (MMDDYY).

    In addition, we are proud to announce that students in grades 5-12 now have Skyward Student Access. Students can use this functionality to review their grades, assignments, attendance, etc. Their login information is the same as Compass.



     Lost & Found -- If your student is missing anything, please check the Lost & Found, located in the foyer next to the fireplace. The drawers are full of lunchboxes, books, notebooks, water bottles, and an amazing amount of clothes and shoes.

    Teachers also have a Lost & Found area in their rooms. Students may want to see if any of their items have been put there. 

    Online Enrollment Verification

    For the new school year, Peoria Public Schools will open online fee payment and enrollment verification. All students should be enrolled/registered ONLINE. Only students new-to-district can fill out a paper copy.

    Directions for online student verification and fee payments: 

           1. Sign in to Family Access - Enrollment Verification for all children should be available from this spot.

           2. Click on a student's name to verify enrollment and information for that student.

           3. Read over the supplied info to confirm it is correct.


          4. Scroll down to see the button labeled "Complete Step __ Only" and click to save your info for EACH STEP. A few steps with a greyed out box may not apply to all students and may only be completed at a District Hub or school office, however see below for more details.
          5. Click on the "Next Step" button on the far right to move to the next step.
          6. Under "Directory Information", toggle "Yes/No" for  Photo/Video Release and other items. PLEASE also sign and date this before scrolling down to complete this step.
          7. Race and Ethnicity and Network User Agreement must be read, checked over, and completed before moving to the next steps.
          8.  Washington students receive Free meals. Parents may apply for a Fee Waiver but income requirements apply. The form may be downloaded and are available at District Hubs and in the Washington Gifted Middle School office.
          9. Click on the Handbook to open and review it. The Student Handbook will also be in the Student Planner as well.
          10. Medical Authorization Forms, Physical and Immunizations  must be opened in order to complete and move to the next step. Parents may print, fill out and bring to school only if needed.
           11. Clicking "Submit Enrollment Verification for Returning Families" will save and complete the online enrollment process. The secretary must confirm these before they are considered complete, but you do not need to contact them unless directed to do so. You are done! :)

    Once the Online Fee Payment function has been activated within Family Access, parents/guardians can make fee payments through Family Access.

          1.  To make a payment, log in to Family Access and click on "Fee Management."

          2.  Click on the "Make Online Payment" button

          3.  At the bottom of the next screen there will be a button to "Add Charges 2016-2017".