• Dignity, Respect, and Achievement for All

    To empower every person to become a responsible, self-directed, lifelong learner through a positive partnership of family, school, and community.


    We believe that every child should be educated to his or her fullest potential.  In doing this, we must provide programs which will challenge our most capable students.  Washington School is committed to serving the special needs of intellectually gifted students and providing educational opportunities that are qualitatively different.  The program is based on the belief that the special needs of intellectually gifted students require a curriculum and instruction which emphasizes critical thinking and creative problem solving.  All students
    will be provided appropriate and adequate opportunities:
    • to demonstrate a core base of knowledge in all areas of learning;
    • to correlate knowledge and skills in all academic areas;
    • to exhibit responsibility as self-directed learners in the classroom and on an independent basis
    • to demonstrate positive self-concepts with a sense of social awareness in a pluralistic society

    We value a well-rounded education for all students providing academic as well as extra curricular activities.

    • Each Washington graduate will have the opportunity to develop and demonstrate all aspects of his/her giftedness in an academic context.
    • Each Washington graduate will demonstrate the correlation between disciplines.
    • Each Washington graduate will be prepared to excel in all enriched subjects.

    Core Values & Beliefs

    Peoria Washington Middle School’s core values guide our decisions and anchor our actions and in the pursuit of learning. We are committed to fostering:





    For All






    Safe Environment



    Ethical Problem-Solving    





    Mission Statement

    To teach all students to use their minds well and to cultivate their particular talents.

    To establish a culture of dignity, respect, and achievement for all.

    To demand excellence and to foster lifelong learning in a safe, welcoming environment.


    Learning Expectations


    • The WMS student demonstrates self-awareness through the pursuit of personal wellness and appropriate social and personal interactions.
    • The WMS student takes responsibility for academic and future goals and decision making.
    • The WMS student demonstrates effective habits of work and ethical and open-minded behavior.
    • The WMS student uses technology in a socially responsible manner.


    • The WMS student participates as an active citizen in the school and broader community and contributes positively to both.


    • The WMS student speaks and presents effectively.
    • The WMS student effectively uses the arts for informative purposes and expression.
    • The WMS student reads, understands and interprets a variety of texts.
    • The WMS student uses complex and creative reasoning strategies to generate appropriate solutions to a variety of problems.
    • The WMS student writes in a clear and engaging manner.
    • The WMS student utilizes technology for a variety of academic purposes.
    • The WMS student accesses, evaluates, and uses information efficiently, effectively, and critically.