• Frequently Asked Questions

    Please note that all questions and issues should first be addressed to a student's Principal. The Principal knows your student and will serve as the best advocate throughout any process he or she might be involved. If you have made contact with your child's Principal and feel your questions deserve further answers, please contact the Executive Director assigned to your child's school:


     Michelle Hassan


    Executive Director, Secondary Schools

    Michelle Hassan



     Knoxville Center for Student Success

    Manual Academy

    Peoria High School

    Richwoods High School

    Dr. Jerry Bell


    Executive Director, Middle Schools

    Dr. Jerry Bell



    Calvin Coolidge Middle School

    Lincoln K-8

    Lindbergh Middle School

    Mark Bills Middle School

    Rolling Acres Middle School

    Roosevelt Magnet School

    Sterling Middle School

    Trewyn School

    Von Steuben Middle School

    Washington Gifted Middle School

     Dr. Nicole Wood


    Executive Director, Primary Education

    Dr. Nicole Wood



     Charter Oak Primary School

    Franklin Primary School

    Hines Primary School

    Kellar Primary School

    Northmoor Primary School

    Thomas Jefferson Primary School

    Whittier Primary School

    Dr. Maude A. Sanders Primary School

    Harrison Community Learning Ctr.

    Glen Oak Community Learning CTr. 

     Dr. Ann Bond


    Interim Director, Special Education

    Dr. Ann Bond



     Jamieson School


    Changing Schools Within the District


    After-School Care

    Special Education Services

    Community Resources/Personal Issues

    Free/Reduced Meals

    Assistance with School Supplies and Costs

    Suspensions and Expulsions

    Dealing with Threatening Behavior/Bullying


    I prefer my student attend a different school than what is on file as the home school for my address. How do I switch my child to a different school?

    Peoria Public Schools offers a Boundary Waiver process for those that wish to attend an alternate school rather than their home school. The application window is only open for a month in second semester for the following school year. For more information on this program, click here.


    I have a question regarding bus transportation. Who should I contact?

    We appreciate all input from our community. We're always looking at ways to improve safety, efficiency, and customer service. We also appreciate when a community member wishes to extend a compliment to any member of our staff. Our school bus drivers, monitors, and maintenance personnel work hard to assure your students arrive to school safely and on time. We encourage our community to contact the department at: (309) 693-4418. Your child's route is assigned to a regional manager that oversee a group of routes within the District. When contacting the department, you should be directed to the route's regional manager, if he or she is available. For other F.A.Q in the Transportation Department, click here.


    I am interested in after-school care for my child. What options are available for my student?

    Peoria Public Schools offers many after-school programs, most of which are run by partnering agencies. Contact your school Principal or the main office to learn what programs are available at your child''s school.


    My child is a Special Education student, or I believe should be tested for Special Education services. Who should I contact with questions?

    All questions, even regarding Special Education, should be first addressed with your child's Principal, who serves as the best advocate for your child. If you have further questions that you feel should be directed to the Special Education Department, or if the Principal refers you to a Special Education Department employee, you should first make contact with the Special Education Coordinator for your school's region. The list of Coordinators and their contact information can be found here.


    My student is struggling with personal issues, or my family is having personal problems. Are there resources that the school district can direct us to for help?

    There are many resources within the Peoria community. You can find a directory put together by PPS Staff on our website.


    I feel my family qualifies for Free and Reduced Meals. How do I apply?


    Starting in the 2011-2012 school year, 22 of the District's 28 schools began providing free breakfast and lunch to all students through a pilot program implemented by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). In 2014, the District re-applied for the program and 26 of 27 schools were approved. More information on the Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) is listed below.
    Schools accepted into CEO program
    All schools in the District, with the exception of Richwoods High School (26 of 27 schools).
    Schools not participating
    The following schools are not participating in the CEO program. These schools do not meet the minimum requirement of 40% of direct certified students to participate in the program. Each school will still participate in the National School Lunch Program and families will still be able to apply for free/reduced meals as they have in the past.

    Richwoods High School


    For families at non-participating schools, Free and Reduced Meal Applications can be picked up at the District's Administrative Offices, located at 3202 N. Wisconsin Ave. Completed applications should be mailed or dropped off at the Administrative Offices, with attention to the Assistant Comptroller's Office.


    My family is struggling financially and we are worried about the costs associated with school. Is there any help available?

    Textbooks/supplies, uniforms and classroom supplies are some of the biggest costs for parents associated with school. In order that no student is denied educational services or academic credit due to the inability of parent(s)/guardian(s) to pay fees and charges, the District will waive fees for students who meet the eligibility criteria for a fee waiver. To apply for a fee waiver, parents should fill out a Textbook and Fee Waiver Form (Free and Reduced Meal Application will suffice for students at non-CEO schools) by contacting the Comptroller's office at (309) 282-2034 or drop off the application at the District Administrative Offices, located at 3202 North Wisconsin Ave.

    Many community organizations and individuals help the District fund additional school supplies and uniforms for needy families. Athletic and activity fees are other costs that parents might incur during the year.


    My child is facing suspension, expulsion or other repercussions at school after getting in trouble. What should I expect and what are my options?


    Parent/guardian(s) have a right to a suspension review hearing through the Office of Student Affairs. Suspension from school and all school activities can be for up to 10 days, provided that appropriate procedures are followed. A suspended student is prohibited from being on school grounds or attending school activities.


    Expulsion(Exclusion from school for continuous period, exceeding ten (10) days). This measure is used in dealing with severe and repetitive acts that are in the judgment of school authorities so extreme that continued presence of the student would be disruptive and dangerous. When a student is recommended for expulsion, a hearing is held in front of the Board of Education, in which the student and his/her parent or guardian and an attorney may participate. The Board can follow through with or deny the Administration''s recommendation for expulsion.


    When a student commits a drug and/or alcohol offense for which s/he may be recommended for expulsion under Board Policy, school administration is to proceed forward with a recommendation for expulsion. At the expulsion conference, the PACES Abeyance Program will be recommended for eligible

    students. With acceptance into this program and by signing the PACES Abeyance Agreement, a student''s expulsion is held in abeyance (or not carried out) while the student participates for one year in counseling, and drug and alcohol testing, along with other aspects of the program.

    All of the above listed repercussions are handled by the Office of Student Affairs. If you have additional questions or concerns, you can reach the Director at 309-672-6540 or shannon.marlin@psd150.org.


    My child is being threatened or bullied at school. What can he or she do and how can I support him/her?

    School Board Policy is deliberate and firm when it comes to threatening behavior and/or bullying. If a child feels threatened or bullied, he or she should immediately notify an adult at his or her school. Parents and Guardians should encourage the reporting of such behavior. For more information visit our No Bullying Zone website for more information.