• Hello Students and Parents!
    Welcome to Mrs. Bowles' Deaf and Hard of Hearing classroom!

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    Teacher:  Mrs. Julie Bowles
    Grade: 5th- 8th grade Deaf and
                 Hard of Hearing
    Subjects: Reading,
                     History and Social Studies
    Email: Julie.Bowles@psd150.org
    Room #110

    I hope that you will take some time to read about our program, but also to use this website as a reference
    to gain knowledge about those who are deaf or hard of hearing or to learn sign language in order to
    communicate with those who have a hearing loss.

    Check out the WebLinks to learn sign language!
    Also Check out the Deaf Education Department to view services provided by District #150:

    Sterling Middle School in Peoria provides services for deaf and hard of hearing students  from 5th to 8th grade with
    varying degrees of hearing loss and ability levels.  An atmosphere of total communication with certified and
    experienced teachers as well as certified interpreters in conjunction with cooperative general education teachers
    and staff allow the department to establish the best possible education to meet the individual needs of each student. 
    Two full-time and one part-time teacher have self contained classrooms that provide a full curriculum
    aligned with Illinois State Standards of reading, language, math, science and social studies. 
    The use of Visual Phonics supports their development of vocabulary and language.  Students also have
    the opportunity to be mainstreamed for core general education classes and special encore classes or full
    inclusion.  Students can and are encouraged to be involved in extra-curricular activities such as student council, 
    garden club, basketball, soccer, volleyball, chess club, band and orchestra.  Students also receive speech and language
    therapy, as well as any occupational or physical therapy as delineated in their education plan.  
    On a Personal note:  
    I have been teaching the Deaf and Hard of Hearing students in the district since 1990.  Throughout these 30 years
    I have taught pre-school through high school students with varying degrees of hearing loss and learning levels.
    In addition, I have also worked with deaf low incidence students at Jamieson School in the Peoria Public Schools. 
    Currently I am a proud staff member at Sterling Middle School teaching  5th through 8th grade students in Reading,
    Science, History and Social Studies.  The small self-contained classrooms offer an opportunity for
    growth and success. If you have any further questions or would like more information about
    our program please 
    feel free to contact me at the email address listed above. 
     Also Check out the Deaf Education Department to view services provided by Peoria Public School District #150:  
    Look at more of my Website to check or go to Links to Sign Language Websites.