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    Welcome to Mrs. Henderson's third grade class. It has been a great year. We are having fun together and learning a lot in the process. Please visit this site frequently to keep updated with upcoming events in our school and ways to get involved. There is also a list of helpful links that you and your child can go to for extra practice with various units of study as well as family resources. Please email me if you have any questions or comments. I look forward to continuing this great journey!    


    Important Notes….



    Young Authors Due January 30th

    It’s time to begin planning your Young Author’s manuscript. These will be due January 27. All students in grades Kindergarten through 4th grade are encouraged to participate. Listed below are the guidelines:

    Students may receive adult help in the following areas:

    Proofreading Typing Binding

    The following should originate with the Young Author: - Idea and composition of the story, poem or play.

    - Idea and execution of the illustrations. - Manuscripts should be in book form with a cover and pages securely attached.

    - Books authored and/or illustrated by more than two children will not be accepted. - Dictation books may be typed or handwritten by adults, but must be in the student’s own language.


    pPTO Meeting Tuesday, February 7
    Please join us in the school cafeteria at 6:00 pm. Find out how you can support our school and your student. Hope to see you there!


    ,College Colors Day Friday, February 3
    Students may wear a college shirt or a college color shirt and uniform bottoms.



    pea Northmoor is "Nut-Free"
    Northmoor is a "Nut-Free School." We do not allow/offer peanut or peanut by-products in our school.Please note that we have recently enrolled students who have severe allergic reactions to peanut butter, tree-nuts, and other nut by-products. Reactions to the smell orinadvertent consumption of peanut butter can range from mild allergic reactions to serious harm or even fatal results. Students, who are not allergic, are asked to never bring peanut butter/ by-products to school. Under no circumstances are treats, candies, orsnacks brought into the school or classroom to contain peanut or nut by-products. On behalf or our studentswho allergic to nuts, we are sincerely grateful for your anticipated cooperation with this safety policy.