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    Learning Party in 104
    Name:Felicia Trapp
    Room #:106
    Welcome to 106's website.  Please keep reading every night and getting homework completed.   Make sure to study spelling and addition/subtraction facts.  
    Attendance is very important!!!!  We love when we have everyone here everyday.
    Please make Compass Learning a part of your weekly homework time.  Here are a few more great websites to check out with your child:    
    www.spellingcity.com                                                                       http://www.coolmath.com
    http://www.watchknow.org                                                                 http://www.abcya.com
    http://neok12.com                                                                                http://www.pbskids.org
    http://sightwordswithsamson.com                                                       http://www.starfall.com