Links and Resources

Log onto the Peoria Public Library to receive free help with your homework. All you need is a library card!


Tons of educational games in most subject areas, including Spanish, Reading, Math and more. You can choose specific topics.


Great math resources, including flash cards, games, worksheets and more!


Games for kids & resources for parents. Activities can be chosen by grade level.


Yahoo for kids plus a parent section.

Students can practice math facts on flashcards or create a worksheet.  

Math designed to be fun. Includes lessons for parents to help children!


Help finding the books you love, based on what you like and reading level! There are also quizes on the books and prizes! A parent section is also available.


letter recognition and reading


Great information on many subjects.

Random House

Great activities using the "Arthur" series.


A collection of animated books. Children can use this service by themselves or with a parent. This is through the Peoria Public Library site.

Picture Dictionary

Picture dictionary shows pictures of items by topic in several languages.

Creating Music is a children's online creative music environment for children of all ages. It's a place for kids to compose music, play with musical performance, music games and music puzzles.

Learn to be Healthy!

Health Science Educational Activities for Parents, Educators and Students. You must register to gain full access.

Math Playground

Welcome to Math Playground, an action-packed site for elementary and middle school students. Practice your math skills, play a logic game and have some fun!