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    Coach Hogan: dan.hogan@psd150.org 


    Lindbergh Boys' Basketball



    TRY-OUTS: --  Monday, Nov. 4th   &   Monday, Nov. 11  

    JV(5th/6th) - 2:30-3:45pm         Varsity(7th/8th) - 3:45-5:00pm



    Week of 11/4:

    Mon.- Try-outs

    Tues. - NONEP

    Wed. -  NONE      

    Thur. - NONE

    Friday - NONE   


    Week of 11/11:


     Mon. -  TRY-OUTS

    Tues. -  G

    Wed. -  P

    Thurs.-  G 

    Friday - P




    Practice - Every non-game school day (unless otherwise notified)

    JV- 2:30 - 3:45

    Var.- 3:45 - 5:00


     game schedule




    Game Days:


    Home games:  

     JV -  shoot around and warm up from 2:30 – 4:00pm.


    Var. – shoot around or in Mrs. Smick’s room if you are staying after school until 4:00. 



    Away games:  

    JV shoot around until 2:55 and leave for the game. 

    Varsity -  goes home and comes to the game by 4:30 pm at the latest




    Congratulations 2018-19 LMS basketball



    Langston P.

    Aiden B.

    Conte P.

    Dammien M.

    Elijah B.

    Myles W.

    Jahliyl B.

    Christian T.

    Nick M.

    Gabe R.

    Anthony S.



    Braden H.

    Xian W.

    Nevin L.

    Jack O.

    Darrell C.


    Darrin D.

    Ryan W.

    Camden K.

    Myles W.

    Cyles L.


    Questions:  email Coach Hogan at  dan.hogan@psd150.org