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    Peter Kates
    5th-6th Grade
    Room 242
    Phone: 672-6542
    Let me tell you something about myself:
    Years of Teaching: 19 years
    Years Teaching in Peoria Public Schools: 17 years
    Schools Where I Have Taught: Loucks '97-'98      Lincoln '98-present.
    Subjects Taught: Special Education Inclusion/Self-Contained
    Colleges Attended: Loyola University of Chicago, Illinois State University
    Education: B.S in History, ISU, B.S. in Education, ISU, M.S. in Education, ISU.
    Subjects Certified to Teach: Special Education,  History, Geography, Civics, Reading Specialist.
    Family: Wife, Sharon, married 17 years, two sons, Dan, 12, John, 9.
    Favorite Activities: Reading the Bible, history, and literature; weightlifting, chess.
    Favorite Books/Short Stories:  All Quiet On The Western Front, Oliver Twist, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Short Stories of O. Henry, Crime and Punishment, The Big 'E', Moby Dick, The Interlopers, The Bet, The Californian's Tale.
    My Teaching Philosophy: All kids have talents, gifts, and things that interest them, things that make them unique.  Help them find their talents, gifts, and interests and develop them.  If you have genuine love and care for kids, they will respond to you positively.