• About Our School

    The Knoxville Center for Student Success (KCSS) is an alternative high school in District #150 that serves students from the three traditional high schools. The KCSS is unique because the entire school day at the KCSS is geared toward Credit Recovery and high school coursework completion. 

    We strive to maintain a distraction-free atmosphere in our smaller school environment. Students are given an individualized plan and provided ongoing assistance in order to obtain their high school diploma. Students that successfully follow these plans will typically do so in a shorter amount of time compared to the traditional high school. 

    Because our school is a choice school, students are expected to comply with the KCSS expectations. Students go through an intake process and agree to these expectations before enrolling. 

    We have three different programs at the KCSS: Credit Completion, Transition Back to High School and our Evening Academy. All programs provide students with individualized plans to help them achieve success. 


    Our Mission

    Through teamwork with family members and support systems, students, community members, and district staff, we are committed to leading each student to recognize and to achieve his or her full academic and personal potential while providing an environment that is physically, emotionally, and socially safe and nurturing.