Sheila Jones

    Mrs. Sheila Jones
    Third Grade Teacher

    Welcome to Third Grade! 

    It's nice to be back in the classroom together! 

    On school days when your child is at home, he/she should login to MS Teams in the morning to view assignments for the day.

    The "Hybrid At-Home Schedule/Assignments" are posted every morning. Look for the announcement in "Posts" or by clicking the activity bell in the top left corner of the Teams screen.

    Assignments need to be completed before returning to school the next school day. Grades will be earned on assignments completed at home.

    "B" schedule students attend encore classes on Mondays and "A" schedule students attend encore classes on Tuesdays.

    Don't forget to monitor your child's grades regularly via Family Access .

    Thank you for supporting your child's education! 

    Please contact me with questions and concerns using the e-mail address above.