Name: Scott Walschaert
    Grade: K- 22 yrs. 

      Welcome to my gym classes, my name is Scott.  I have been teaching  at Jamieson for 29 years, I have my masters degree in Adapted Phys. Ed.  We do a lot of leisure activities and team sports in p.e.  We work on loco-motor, gross motor , balance and movement skills.  We also like to play for the sake of play.  Play allows students to socialize and interact as well as learn cooperative skills and working as a team to achieve the same goal. 
    This year we have welcomed the PAT academy to Jamieson.  These are 18 to 22 year old adults working on transitioning into the work force.  They will be learning many different leisure activities such as card games, board games as well as many outdoor leisure activities.